How to Prepare Your Home For New Carpet Installation


Don’t Let This Guy Show Up At Your Door Unprepared!

We have written more than a few DIY installation guides, but I haven’t really considered that we haven’t written an article on preparing your home for Carpet installation. So, today the focus will be less on the flooring and more on getting your home ready for it to be installed. Yes, your home will be in disarray and chaos for a few days while waiting on your carpet to arrive, but it is important to note that if you take these steps you will not be rushing last minute to prep your room the new carpet.. This means you will be moving stuff around large rolls of Carpet. Not to mention if it can only sit in a room where it will be installed, you are going to have to move it all to remove the old Carpet.. Allow us to show you how to get a step ahead of installation in this blog…

How to Prep Before

Flooring Installation!



Moving Everything Out Of The Room Is Great For Preparing Your Home For Carpet Installation!

Move it all!

In order for the easiest job possible, your going to need to move all of the furniture out of the rooms that the flooring is going into. So find a location in the home (or outside) to move the furniture to. Garages are an excellent space to store furniture for a few days and weather permitting a backyard is a great place if you take the precautions and seal your furniture with plastic. Once you have all of the furniture gone, it is important to remove any wall hangings that may fall off when moved, mirrors, pictures, etc. This also applies to window treatments. There will be a lot of banging in some cases and breakable items tend to live up to that name in this situation.

Removing the Existing Carpet

  • Carpet Removal – You will first need to remove the tackles strips, shoes molding and any other edge work that has been done to the floor edge of the walls. ¬†After this has been done, grab a utility kine and cut the carpet from wall to wall in strips that you can roll up. Just make sure that you don’t do the strips too wide because they can be very heavy.

Now at the corners of the room take a small crowbar and at the corner of the walls pry up the edges of the carpet moving down the edge of the walls until the entire carpet has been freed.

If your carpet has carpet tacks, begin to slide a flat head crowbar under the edge of the carpet and lift the tacks out. Do this to the entire room. Once finished you will literally roll up the strips and bring it to the appropriate facility for disposal or recycling.

Congratulations! You Just Won The Gold For

DIY Carpet Installation Preparedness!




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