Every Kind of Carpet Stain Cleaning Guide!

We have all done it, drop spill or drop something that will stain your carpet. In that split second, what do you do?


Never Scrub A Carpet To Clean Up A Stain, This Will Only Make It Worse!

It’s hard to face something unexpected without a go to plan. This blog is entirely about listing every possible type of carpet stain and how to clean them. Please feel free to use this as a spot to list stains that I may have left out!

The Proper Way to Remove Carpet Stains Procedure, “READ FIRST!”

It is important to know the procedure for removing stains before the chemicals come into play. To remove stains, start by blotting the area, beginning at the edge of the stain and working your way in to the center slowly. DO NOT SCRUB THE STAIN!

If you scrub the stain the fibers will break down allowing that pesky stain that you are trying to remove to become ground in to the fibers themselves!

Once you have blotted, rinse it thoroughly with clean water and blot it again.


Carpet Stains and How To Treat Them!

The Stains are Category Based for Easy Access

Water-Soluble Stains

  • Wine-Stain-On-CarpetAlcoholic Beverages
  • Berries
  • Colas
  • Excrement
  • Food Dyes
  • Gravy
  • Ice Cream
  • Jelly
  • Milk
  • Mud
  • Non-Permanent Ink
  • Wet Paint
  • Latex Paint

How to Clean Them: Use a simple cleaning solution consisting of 1/4 ts of Non-Bleaching Detergent. You could also use White Vinegar in lieu of the Detergent. Combine one of these chemicals with 32 Oz of clean Water. Simply follow the Blotting method, and rinse and repeat with this solution. When the Stain is gone, the Last Rinse should be done with regular clean water.



Complex Water-Soluble Stains

  • Blood
  • Chocolate
  • Coffee
  • Mustard
  • Tea
  • Vomit
  • Wine


By using a Tablespoon of ammonia mixed with a cup of clean water. If you have wool or wool blended carpet us a Tablespoon of Mild detergent and water. It this solution doesn’t work after the blotting method, use one part chlorine bleach to five parts water, this is for solution-dyed carpet only!

Bleach will harm other types of carpet, just make sure to check with the manufacturer first.

Other Staining Agents

Fats, Oils and Waxes  

Place a paper towel on the carpet over the stain and iron it on the warm setting of the device. Stain should cup right up and absorbed into the paper towel.

Cigarette Burns

Cigarette burns won’t really come up, but they can be removed. Take a Dull Knife and simply scrape of the burned portion of the fibers gently.


Get a cotton ball or cloth moist by using rubbing alcohol and press it on the stain. After it has gotten moistened, wipe it away gently and repeat the process until all of the glue has been removed.


Begin by freezing the gum with a cube of ice. Once it is frozen you will need to shatter it with a blunt object, a spoon will do just fine. Now vacuum it up quickly before the gum warms and is stuck to the carpet again.

Nail Polish

Simply blot the carpet with a rag that has been dipped in nail polish remover.


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