Caring for Your New Bamboo Flooring

Stunning, pristine and green, bamboo flooring makes for a pretty incredible flooring option. Unlike what you would think it is not actually are hardwood floor, or even wood for that matter. It would be more appropriately deems bamboo grass flooring.

Keeping up with your bamboo flooring is much like hardwood flooring however. There are several preventative measures that you should take as well as developing a routine that you keep in a timely manner. But caring for your bamboo flooring doesn’t have to be a pain. Today, I’m bringing you an easy and fast list of things you can do for your bamboo flooring to keep it in tip top condition.


Bamboo Flooring Care and Maintenance

The Initial Cleaning

After bamboo flooring is installed it should really be given special attention immediately. As soon as the install has been deemed successful you should break out the mop. Dampen it slightly and mop up the dust and foot prints that the installers may have left behind. The solution that you use to dampen the mop should be something that you would feel comfortable with around your family. Green and non-toxic options are definitely the way to go. Just make sure that the cleaner you go with is a NO-Wax cleaner.

Getting in the Cleaning Habit


Bamboo Flooring Makes For An Excellent Choice In Environmentally Friendly Flooring.

Pick 2-3 days out of the week to do a dust mopping. I say dust mop because typically most brooms will have hard bristles, and this leads to micro scratching. A dust mop will also cut down on the time it takes to sweep. Once  your days are chosen stick to it. You will be very happy with the results.

Peg your Furniture

When getting new flooring, we tend to forget to protect it. Much like a new puppy or child, you much proof your home when it arrives. Ignore the electrical sockets and think. What can damage my flooring?

Anything that touches it of course. We can remedy this by attaching soft felt pegs on the bottoms of our furniture and tables, as well as any other decor that may be heavy and balances itself at points. So Peg it all!

Get Bamboo Floor Armor

Well maybe not that hardcore, but Area Rugs and door mats will make a huge difference in your years to come with your new flooring. A lot of people simply do not realize just how much dirt, debris, oils and tar that they track in to there home on a daily basis. Its almost astounding how much we can pick up from a simple walk to the car, around the office, and then back to the car to come home. Place door mats on the inside and outsides of the doors, and for goodness sake, take your shoes off when you come in!

Spills and Moisture

Moisture really doesn’t like your bamboo flooring and it will do anything in its power to destroy it. Although bamboo is a bit more permeable than hardwood, it can still become damaged over time by moisture. Make sure to clean up spills immediately so it doesn’t seep in.

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