Blinded by the Light: High or Low Gloss Hardwood Flooring?


Gloss Makes A Big Difference When It Comes To Hardwood Flooring.

The rustic look of a classic hand scraped or worn down hardwood floor has plenty of allure on it own. Add a gleaming sheen to it and it will transform its look to something completely different however. When it comes to Gloss on a flooring, whether low or high, it is important to look beyond the present and into the future. Here is a little about glossing hardwood flooring.

Does it Shimmer and Sheen?

Sheen is the amount of light that the wood actually reflects in the room when you look at it. Depending on how high of a level of gloss you have chosen to go with, the sheen is measured. The higher the gloss level, the higher the sheen, and vice verse.

There are a few benefits that should be discussed when it comes to High and Low Gloss Hardwood Floors.

Benefits of High Gloss Hardwood Flooring

  • Provides a much more pronounced level of detail and drama.
  • By defining wood grains and making darker stains pop, it is great for dining rooms, sun rooms and bedrooms, offering an elegant finish that is sure to tickle your design taste buds.
  • In a commercial setting the durability of a high gloss hardwood floor far surpasses that of low gloss.

Disadvantages of High Gloss Hardwood Flooring

  • High gloss finishes wear more easily than low gloss floors.
  • It tends to really put dust and debris on display in your home. This is because when the light is reflecting off of the woods surface it is actually passing back through the dust. A lighter choice of specie or stain will help keep it at bay, but if you have a dark floor chances are you will need to stay on top of it cleaning-wise.
  • High gloss tends to be a little more slippery when wet, so be careful to clean up spills right away!

Low Gloss Hardwood Flooring Is A Great Option For Earth Tones.

Benefits of Low Gloss Hardwood Flooring

  • Low gloss really plays of the rustic edginess of the hardwoods surface. This is a great choice for any room in the home, but really shines with earth tones and metallic colors.
  • Don’t show a lot of debris or dust if you miss sweeping or vacuuming them a day or two in a row.
  • Shows less wear over time, which is good for big families and pet owners.

Disadvantages of Low Gloss Hardwood Flooring

  • Not as defined and pronounced.
  • May look dull in a well lit room.

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