Best Types of Flooring For The Beach!

Flooring-For-Your-Beach-HouseSo you finally have decided to invest in a beach property, but now you have no idea how and what to do as far as the flooring goes. Flooring a beach home is a critical part of achieving the right atmosphere and ambiance. The main dilemma boils down to the constant wear and tear that you will placing on your floors from going in and out. Not to mention the salty sea air, which can have a damaging effect on many different materials.

Before we go into what types of flooring you should be looking at we will start with what you shouldn’t choose and explain why.



Flooring Options That Do Not Work With Beaches

  • Carpet – Even though carpet is the 1st choice for comfort as far as floor coverings go, it is in last place when it comes Beach-House-Flooringto a proper beach friendly option. The moisture will pose a problem as it can lead to mildewing problems. The sand is terrible on a carpet as well. This will be the biggest down fall because sand is of course fine and small. It will stay well hidden in the carpet and will inevitably work it’s way into the carpet backing. Unless you want to vacuum 2-3 times a day, We would suggest that you steer clear of using Carpet for a beach home.
  • Hardwood Flooring – While there is something romantic about hardwood in a beach home, the maintenance is far from exciting. Hardwood flooring will scratch quite easily when it comes to gritty sand. The moisture in the air also presents a problem as far as the hardwood adjusting to the climate. This is why we do not recommend hardwood installation in humid areas, it causes buckling and bulging during seasonal changes. Humidifiers can be used to balance your rooms, but who wants to deal with that?



Flooring Options You SHOULD Choose For A Beach House

  • Stone-Is-A-Great-Beach-Front-Flooring-Option-For-Both-Inside-And-Outside-Your-Home

    Stone Is A Great Beach Front Flooring Option For Both Inside And Outside Your Home.

    Laminate Flooring with Moisture Resistance Core – When one hears laminate flooring they do not typically equate it to a proper beach friendly floor. But laminate has a few advantages that you may not have taken into consideration. For starters, laminate flooring typically has no cracks, nooks or crannies for pesky sand to lodge itself into. Even though it isn’t that great with water it is better than hardwood flooring, and if you get it with a moisture resistance core your on your way to a very successful beach floor.

  • Ceramic Tile (Slip Resistant) – You can’t get a better beach floor than one that will not wear easily, and this is exactly the case for ceramic tile. Level of humidity has zero affect on the tile, however it does get very slippery when it is wet so a slip resistant tile is a must.
  • Stone Tile – Stone is the bread and butter of a beach house. It wears nicely adding character over time, it is strong and durable, and it isn’t slippery like tile. The only thing about it, is stone can crack if not taken care of.


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