Area Rug Cleaning Tips, Suggestions and Strategies

shutterstock_86848474Area rugs are an excellent way to provide accent to any room, protect the flooring from high traffic and provide a soft area for you to enjoy in your intimate living spaces. Rugs are priced all over the place, quality really factors into this equation, so taking care of these little beauties is a priority.

This article is all about keeping your area rug in tip top, well groomed shape. Let us begin with basic Care.

Caring For Your Area Rug

  • Make sure to keep your area rug clean. Vacuuming is the best way to keep a larger area rug from wearing. By doing this frequently it will remove grit and dirt that will otherwise take their toll on your area rugs fibers. Make sure that if you have fringe on your area rug, to avoid this at all costs. I’ve see far too many beautiful and old area rugs ruined in a second from the fringe tearing in a vacuum.
  • Occasionally turn your rug 180°, once every quarter would be a good idea. You need to do this because over time the fibers in rugs, especially vintage rugs, will begin to fade or discolor in sunlight. We turn the rug to keep these gradual changes from being very one sided.
  • Always remove pet hair from your Area Rug by brushing it out with a stiff brush. The cheaper brushes with the black bristles work great for this job. Just make sure to follow your fibers carefully. If it feels like your having a hard time brushing it out, change directions.
  • Shake out smaller area rugs, but never beat them this will damage the weave and backing.

shutterstock_96825709This Stunning Room Owes It All To Its Area Rug!

Removing Area Rug Stains

Melted Wax – Harden the waxy with ice placed in a zip lock plastic bag, then with the dull edge of a butter nice scrape it from the carpet gently. Once the bulk is gone go back over it with a little rubbing alcohol on a cloth. Make sure you only blot and never rub!

shutterstock_2961671Acrylic/Latex Paint – Only while stain is still wet spot clean it with a solution of dishwashing detergent and water. Dab with rubbing alcohol like before to clean up any remainder.

Oil-based Paint – Use mineral spirits to lightly go over the carpet fiber, but be extra careful not to use too much and penetrate the backing of the area rug. This could be a disaster.

Red Sauces/Ketchup – Use cool water and dab with a detergent solution. Once done rinse it with 1 part vinegar 2 parts water solution, then blot until its dry.

Gum! – The same freezing and scraping method is used with the Wax at the beginning. When finished vacuum it and use a dry-solvent cleaner if necessary.

Wine, Soft Drinks, Alcohol – Make a solution of dishwashing liquid and water with the ratio of 1 tsp soap, 1/4 tsp vinegar and 1 qt water. Apply, rinse and dry.

Urine, Vomit, Feces – Detergent solution, rinse, blot dry.

Fatty foods – Dry-solvent spot carpet cleaner.

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