6 Reasons to Invest In Hardwood Floors

6 Reasons to Invest In Hardwood Floors

Hardwood-Flooring1.  Classic Beauty – The foundation of a great space starts from the ground up and this amazing floor covering option is versatile enough to pull of just about any design scheme or aesthetic. This is thanks to the classic elements that hardwood flooring possesses. It grants a room warmth, quality and a certain timeless ambiance without trying.

2.  Earth Friendly – Hardwood flooring is one of the most earth friendly products for floors. Why? Hardwoods are a highly renewable resource unlike the majority of flooring options available that are made from non-renewable resources. Hardwood floors can also be recycled unlike most.

3.  Incredible Investment – While the initial investment may seem like a bit of a pain, if you compare it to other flooring products it is really only slightly more. But you will soon realize that hardwoods if taken care of properly will out live you. I have walked on the most beautiful hardwood floors in historic homes, so that were over 100 years old! And despite the age, they were some of the most beautiful floors that I have ever seen. Point and Case: If you choose a hardwood floor, you have a floor for life.


Often Times, A Simple Sweep Is All You Need To Keep Your Hardwood Shining.

4.  Simple Maintenance – Most hardwoods come pre-finished now, this makes for a much more durable option than unfinished. Today’s technology for pre-finishing has come far since the floors you remember from growing up. Maintaining your flooring is simple now, there is no need to wax most new flooring options, just a simple sweep and mop with a wood floor cleaning product and you are good to go. You even have the option to refinish your flooring later after about 20 years of use that is.

5.  Hypoallergenic – Yes, dust, molds, and other allergens begone. With the proper cleaning, hardwood floors are known to reduce the risk of airborne allergens in the home.

6. Options – Now more than ever, you have just about every option available in what your hardwood floors will look like. Stains, species, design, width, length, thickness, texture, grain, pattern… the list goes on and on.


The Sheer Amount Of Hardwood Options Available Is Staggering.

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  1. Kafoolabta says:

    Great post! All the more reason to go hardwood in your home. A bigger initial cost but the value and quality will last a lifetime definitely!

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