What Can Carpet Tiles Do For You?

Carpet tiles are now a common fixture in many households and businesses. Often when we are in office buildings we don’t even notice that we are walking on them, we just assume that it is traditional carpeting. Today we will be discussing a few things about carpet tiles and what they can do for your home or business.

Carpet Tile Styling

There are many choices of styles and colors when you look at carpet tiles. They also come in multiple sizes, different fiber types, pile weights and heights, adhesive and non-adhesive. To make things short you have many choices to work with. You will most likely find what you are looking for, whether a plush, frieze or even berber style.

The backing materials also have options to choose from when selecting your carpet tile. They can be made of vinyl, fiberglass, a mixture of the two, urethane, woven polypropylene, and even in recycled materials.

Be sure to protect your investment in carpet tiles by following the warranty guidelines to a “T.” This will assure that if anything were to ever go wrong, you will be able to take comfort in seeing a return on your flooring!

Finding the Appropriate Carpet Tile for the Job

Beyond what aesthetic imagery you are concocting in you mind, you must always see the big picture too. Often times someone finds something that is right up there alley for looks, but if you do not take precaution you may wind up with a non function yet beautiful floor. Make sure to consider the possibilities of traffic flow throughout the area, also consider the size of the tile you are going with as they come in many different choices of size.

The Benefits of Choosing Carpet Tiles

  • Easy Installation – You can definitely do this yourself. You can actually purchase kits that make the installation of these a snap.
  • Easier Care and Cleaning – Tiles don’t require any padding or glue to install, although you may find ones that come with an adhesive backing. But if they are not adhered to the floor feel free to pull it up, wash and replace when dried. Also if the floor is damaged beyond repair you do not have to replace all of the flooring to replace!
  • Design Options – The best thing about carpet tiles is the freedom of design that comes with it. You decided. If you want a border, create one. A checkered pattern, they have you covered too.

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