Mannington Resilient Flooring Care and Maintenance Guide

Mannington resilient flooring is an excellent product that will stand up to the test of time. Foot traffic, animals and children are hard pressed to do their best to accidentally destroy your flooring. Mannington resilient flooring does an excellent job at keeping your floors looking their best, but only with the proper care and maintenance. So today’s blog functions strictly as a tool for doing just that.

Mannington Resilient Flooring Care and Maintenance Guide


A good way to maintain your flooring is by taking the proper steps and precautions. Here is a simple list of things you can do to minimize dulling, dirt and debris.

  • Makes sure you use a doormat outside each entrance to the room as well as outside and inside your home entrances. This will prevent excess amounts of sand, grit, dirt and debris. It will prevent oils, asphalt and sealants from finding their way in. Rubber, latex or coco fiber backings are a huge “No No.” They will stain and/or damage your resilient flooring.
  • A latex based drive way sealant will also reduce the probability of tracking in asphalt.
  • Window treatments are a must for flooring that is exposed to direct sunlight for more an hour of the day. Exposure to direct sunlight for long periods of time with gradually discolor your flooring.
  • Always lift furniture when moving and peg the bottoms of them. Furniture, decor and high heel shoes are the biggest violators when it comes to scratches and abrasions.

Immediate Maintenance of a Newly Installed Mannington Resilient Floor:

A very important time for your flooring. Many people simply do not follow-up with care and prevention tactics after installing. This can potentially lessen the value and longevity of your floors life. Follow these steps within the next 24 hours after installation and then the next 3 days.

  • Make sure to walk on your freshly installed resilient flooring for 24 hours post install. If the adhesive does not set due to large amounts of traffic you can look forward to your flooring eventually coming up certain areas.
  • If the seam was matched do not step on the seams of the flooring for 24 hours.
  • Avoid cleaning your flooring for at least 3 days after installation. If you must, a simple spot clean should suffice until the provisional period is over.

Standard Maintenance and Care:

  • Sweep your floor on a regular basis, but never go longer than a week. This will keep the dirt a manageable level.
  • Clean up spills promptly to prevent staining.
  • Mopping is best when you use a resilient flooring specific cleaning solution. This is best done every 2 weeks. To make your flooring shinier, rinse your flooring with water when finished with the chemicals and allow it to air dry.
  • Higher gloss resilient flooring will gradually lose its shine over time. You can however restore it with a resilient gloss restoration kit. You can find this at most big box stores.

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