5 Steps to Becoming A Greener Home Cleaner!

With the inception of green living in today’s society, I think that it is important for both your personal health as well as the environment’s health, to take choosing a greener method of living to heart. Whereas cleaning your home was once the most difficult task to adjust to the green lifestyle, throughout recent years we have seen an incredible increase in environmentally options for home maintenance and care.

It is far less expensive to buy products now compared to prices we paid at the beginning of the green era. Also, DIY cleaning products have really jumped ahead of the game, by using natural earth-friendly products that you already have in your home such as citrus, oils and bases. Many times the are just as effective, if not more effective when cleaning up dirt and grime in you household.

In spirit of Green Cleaning, today I’d like to give you 5 Simple steps to a Greener Home Cleaner.


5 Steps to a Cleaner and Greener Household


Step 1: Know Your Products

Attention to detail is a must when shopping for green household chemicals. Just because a product market’s itself as natural or green, doesn’t not necessarily making it the best choice for your home. When looking at the ingredients in these chemicals make sure that it meets certain criteria. Look for items that are non-toxic, biodegradable and that are made from resources that are considered to be renewable. Say “NO” to petroleum based chemicals! 

If you would like an all purpose cleaner without having to buy it, a combination of water and vinegar or water and baking soda makes an incredibly powerful solution and can be used to clean everything from a kitchen counter top, to a toilet bowl.


Step 2: Breathe Easy

Because many of the Toxic materials in our air quality is brought inside from several environments on a daily basis, our indoor air is a literal incubator or airborne toxins. In spaces that our confined, air is not allowed to circulate properly leaving you with a lot of excess carbon dioxide to breathe in to your blood stream. 

For clean air you must allow for circulation to be present at all times! Open your windows up a much as possible and keep as many indoor plants spread thoughout you home as possible. These two practices with have a dramatic and noticeable on both the freshness of your home as well as your health.


Step 3: Anti-Bacterial = More Bacteria!

How is this possible you ask, well it’s simple science really. Recent studies by the FDA have almost confirmed that traditional hand soap and water are far more effective in removing bacteria from an area over time than anti-bacterial soaps and chemicals. You see when we wash out hands with anti-bacterial soaps, we don’t realize that it typically does not kill 100% of the bacteria on our hands, the interesting part about that is the bacteria that survive the anti-bacterial attack will regenerate more rapidly than before, as well as become immune to the type of anti-bacterial strain that you originally used to kill it.

This renders anti-bacterial items useless.


Step 4: Quit using Aerosal Sprays or Unnatural Candles for Scenting you Home

The affects of breathing in chemicals that have been released or sprayed into the air is inconceivable to me. I mean really? Have you ever breathed in an air spray and literally tasted the chemical in the back of your mouth? Then Why Do It!

This cannot be good for you. Instead of taking a fake approach that is very unhealthy no matter how you look at it, use natural household ingredients to freshly scent your home. For example, start a pot of water boiling and add a stick of cinnamon to it. In no time you home will smell like cinnamon. Try this with left over lemon and orange peels and get ready for a blast of tropical freshness. Add a Vanilla Bean and scent your home with Vanilla! The possibilities are endless and once again completely natural and healthy.


Step 5: Remove the Shoes

It is baffling to me that we can pick up so many toxins from the outside world by tracking them in on our shoes. Asphalt, Tar, Anti Freeze, Oil, Waste, Pollution, and even pollen. Just take your shoes off when you get home and you will be fine.


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