The Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

I absolutely love Bamboo flooring, it offers a unique look and quality that is hard to find in any other hard surface flooring. Today, I wanted to share some Pros, Cons and Care tips to get your mind going on this amazing product. I’ve researched extensively and have compiled a good amount of material on the bamboo and I hope you enjoy the read.


Horizontal Bamboo SW076 – Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Pros of Choosing Bamboo Flooring

Eco-Friendly – Bamboo flooring is very sustainable. This is because it only takes about 3 to 5 years to fully mature. This is an incredible rate in the flooring business! Most hardwood species take a significant amount of time longer to reach maturity, making bamboo ahead of the pack in being environmentally friendly!

Easy Maintenance – Maintaing your bamboo flooring is a very simple process. You will enjoy a less chaotic cleaning regimen, as it only requires a sweeping when dirty and an occasional damp mopping.

Resistant to Water – As we know hardwood can be a pain when it comes to water, but because bamboo is actually a grass it is a bit more porous than traditional hardwood flooring. As a result it is slightly more resistant to wather than solid hardwoods.

Pricing – Surprisingly for an exotic material, you can actually find some very affordable bamboo flooring on the market. This is not to tell you that you will be fine by going witht he cheapest product you find. You typically get what you pay for, but don’t expect to pay out the wazoo for it either. A good quality Bamboo flooring with be priced around a solid hardwood.


Vertical Bamboo SW084 – Shaw Hardwood Flooring

Cons of Choosing Bamboo Flooring

Overseas Manufacturing – Much of the world’s bamboo is made in China, and as demand for a product rises the quality tends to decrease overtime. As a result cheap manufacturing practices have taken a lot of the natural components of the bamboo and have shifted some bamboo flooring to be far less eco-friendly.

Humidity Levels – While it is slightly more resistant to water, bamboo flooring is not great with excessive amounts of moisture in the air. They will swell in high humidity and shrink in low humidity. Over time if you do not monitor the humidity levels properly, you could wind up with cracking.

Sun Light – As with all solid hardwood flooring, discoloring will result if it is constantly exposed to sun light. Keep this in mind if you have large open windows that really let the light shine through the home.

No Grading System – Unlike traditional hardwood flooring, there really is no way to designate the quality of the product to the consumer. Grain and pattern variation don’t really factor into bamboo. You also don’t really have heavy knots or holes in the product.


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