The Beauty and Elegance of Shaw Living Area Rugs

Shaw Living Rugs

Shaw Living Rugs are great for any home. With their unique designs, you can customize the look of your home according to your own design preferences. If you’re an art lover like me, then your in for a treat with area rugs by Shaw.

Would you prefer something classic?

Shaw Living Rugs have plenty of vintage looks. If you are looking for something tropical to spruce up you home, Shaw Rugs have what you are looking for. Sizes range from the following: 1′ 10″ X 2′ 9″ all the way up to 12′ X 15′!

You have every size you need to bring the space to life, whether using your area rug to creat a room in an open floor plan, or simply adding a pop of color to an area of you home, a Shaw Living area rug is always a welcome addition to your home.

 A standard rectangular shaped rug is usually less expensive than a rug in runner or round shape. Not only can you get the look you want at a reasonable price, but you can also choose from different style color and patterns. This gives you unlimited design possiblities and selection. Granted, some area rugs only have a few choices in color, but typically you will find what you are shopping for in a color scheme. Shaw Living rugs are 100% Nylon, so the upkeep of the rug is fairly simple.

Cleaning Your Shaw Living Area Rugs Is Easy!

You can vacuum your rug regularly without worrying about damaging it, as these rugs are very durable. Many people still take their area rugs outside and use a rug beater on them, but I cannot stress enough that this will ruin a rugs backing. As it is beaten with any blunt object the backing and fibers will begin to tear overtime. This will cause your rug to appear stretched and warped.

How ever if you must take your rug outside to clean it Simply grab it on both ends of one side, lift it off the ground, and gently move your hand back and forth creating a wave through the rug. This should get larger pieces of dirt and debris out of the rug. But honestly Vaccuuming works far better than any other means of maintaining your Shaw Living area rugs.

So, What Are you Waiting For?

Shaw Living Rugs are great for anyone who wants a wonderful splash of color, a tropical theme, or a classic antique look. Get yours today From


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