The 5 Best Solutions for Commercial Flooring for your Business

Call-Of-The-Wild-Hot-Spot-Shaw-Philadelphia-Commercial-FlooringCommercial flooring is one of the many faces that your clients will see when they walk in to any establishment for business. There are many types of flooring but only a few will work best when it comes to day to day professional activities. If you are smart though, you will see that choosing the correct floor for your business will lead to happier clients as well as a higher morale in the office.

You will need to do your research to choose the correct commercial flooring so that is why I have posted this blog today. I’ve listed 8 great types of flooring for you to read about so that you can get a general idea of what it can do for you and your business. Remember that you are not limited to these selections this is simply a great reference to have when making such a large decision.


1.  Solid Hardwood CommercialFlooring – Great for minimal traffic and small businesses not relating to medical and food service industries.

Hardwood floors are excellent for any business that runs its day to day operations from a small office. It establishes a certain charm and character. Caring for the hardwood floor is easy in a small business, but I would not recommend it for one with a ton of square footage. If you are a medical office or even a small restaurant you would be better suited to go with a more water resistant solution, because these types of businesses tend to have a more than normal rate of getting the floors wet due to accidents. Heavier foot traffic can also cause an excessive amount of wear, especially in lobbies and hallways so make sure that this will not be an issue.

2.  Commercial Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Also great for small business offices, but able to handle light to moderate traffic, with an added water resistance.

All the beauty of solid hardwood, without the added maintenance. You will get the same charming qualities as solid hardwood, and you can install it yourself easier so you save extra when it comes to your total purchase price.


3.  Commercial Carpet – Enjoy the many benefits of commercial carpet and carpet tiles. Durable, easy to maintain, and better wear quality due to technological advances in fiber protection.

Carpet will reduce the noise of people walking around your business, it will also be a softer surface area for clients and employees to walk on. This is beneficial because your work environment will be more comfortable and you will have more options for designs. I would definitely choose tiles over wall to wall, because if something does happen such as a stain, you can simply pull up that one tile and replace without having to pull up the whole floor.

4.  Vinyl Commercial Flooring – Low prices and high durability. Ideal for medical, dental, and small cafes.

Because it is very low cost and easy to install this makes for a great budget reducer when looking to floor your business. There is a vast array of styles, colors, and options in this flooring category, and it is even likely that you will be able to find your companies signature color scheme on your search. Be forewarned that this flooring is susceptible to scratching and heavy traffic wear.

Nike-Training-Ground-Rubber-Flooring5.  Commercial Rubber Flooring – Great for any business where you physically work with your clients such as a gym, restaurant, or community center.

The great thing about rubber flooring is the fact that it is very hard to damage it. You are pretty much covered from spills and stains and they usually come in tile form giving you the option to remove any damaged areas without starting from scratch. This comes in many colors but is usually mass produced in black. The care can be a bit arduous, but well worth it!

I really hope that this article helped you come to a more educated decision when it comes to decide on the best commercial flooring option for your business. I’m more than happy to answer any questions and take any comments into consideration, so please post your queries and suggestions below so that I can make sure to cover all that applies. Until next time, Happy Flooring!



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