Mohawk Laminate Flooring, What’s Trending and Why?

Possibly one of the most advanced floors in the industry, Mohawk Laminate Flooring is chalked full of cutting edge technology while remaining a budget friendly and economical solution to improving your home. While it is a created product, you should worry less about it being “green.” Simply because laminate is actually one of the most eco-friendly floors on the market, requiring no hardwood or natural materials to manufacture. So, it is a Sustainability Powerhouse.

Setting a new standard for Laminate Design, Beauty and Durability, Mohawk Laminate Flooring is unmatched.

So, Whats trending now in the World of Mohawk Laminate flooring?

Realism – GenuEdge is the newest Mohawk laminate technology. It takes naturally occurring wood patterns and replicates their colors, tones, hues and textures with a remarkable realism. The process allow the stunning designs to, instead of coming to a halt at the edge of the piece, actually roll over the edge of the product. This gives the laminate flooring an amazingly life like edge on the plank, making it virtually impossible to distinguish that it is not real hardwood flooring by the naked eye.

Big is Beautiful! –  Wider planks has really been trending this spring. This is not only recognizable in laminate but hardwood flooring also. Super size it for impressive results. Mohawk laminate planks come in longer and wider lengths and widths to keep up with current design aesthetics.

To Gloss or Not To Gloss – Yes, Gloss Please! This is coming back into style, look for clean and polished flooring this year, we have moved on a from the rustic charm look and have went entirely streamlined. Scratchguard Advanced Finish Protection offers minimal maintenance as a state of the art embossed finish. It will literally keep your floor shining for many years.

A Green Floor – Saving the Earth is HOT! It’s actually always trending as we as a society keep this interest alive. Increasing demand for eco-friendly flooring is one of Mohawk’s favorite trends. Mohawk laminate floor boards contain 74% pre-consumer recycled content, literally millions of tons of materials from U.S. landfills go into the production. This includes almost a billion pounds of wood waste reused to date!

Quality – Our economy is returning slowly but surely, and “Made in America” products are on the forefront of this movement. Buying goods and services that are made in America is by far the most important trend  we should all take to heart. Mohawk’s wood looks for laminate are Made entirely in the U.S.!

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