How to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring in Your Kitchen

Kitchen flooring is a tough cookie to crack as far as flooring goes. Sheet Vinyl Flooring however, is an excellent and fail-proof choice for kitchens. In Today’s blog we will be discussing installing sheet vinyl flooring in your home. It’s easy, fast and anyone can do it. So get your safety supplies on and let’s get installing!

Albany-Preference-Plus-Tarkett-Sheet-Vinyl-FlooringAlbany – Preference Plus – Tarkett Sheet Vinyl Flooring

Things You will Need to Install Sheet Vinyl Flooring:

  • Utility Knife
  • Notched Trowel
  • Metal Straight Edge
  • Caulking Gun
  • Paper or Cardboard
  • J-Roller
  • And of Course your Vinyl and Adhesive ( If Required )



First off you will need to prep your area for installation. This will include the general cleaning. Begin by removing all of the furniture in your room. It is best to move any appliances that you can so that if they are ever moved around the room you won’t have a floor with a big square in it. Don’t worry about removing cabinets, most peole don’t really worry about installing sheet vinyl under them.

As far as the cleaning session goes. Just make sure to Vacuum the surface thoroughly to assure that as much debris as possible has been lifted. After that wipe down the area with a proper ammonia solution, getting rid of grease spots that could prevent adhesion.


Cutting the Vinyl is the most important part of the process of Sheet Vinyl installation. It is best to creat an exact template of you Kitchen foor or any other room that you are installing on. This part is very simple and a good bit of fun. Simply take some cardboard ( II prefer Paper Poster Board) and lay it out over your flooring area. Over lap each cutout and tape the edges of each one to the next all on all sides. When your reach the edges use your utility know to cut out the edes of the template. And now you have a giant template!

Now that you have your template its time to find a lare flat surfact to roll out the vinyl flooring on. An empty garage or back yard seems to do the trick. If your vinyl flooring has a pattern you will be able to match it with a minimal notice to the seem by using the template method. So first unroll the vinyl and then put the templat on top of it and tape it on the corners so that it stays how you put it the whole time. If you have to match the patter simply cut the vinyl off at the end of the template match the pattern and continue to tape on the template.

Now that all of that is dones. Take your razor knife and cut it!


Depending on your Sheet vinyl you will have different installation directions. Most are installed by using an adhesive though, so that is the method we will be discussing. Take your cut outs of the sheet vinly and put them in place in the area of installation. Once you have that jigsaw finished, start by rolling one half of the piece you are starting with and apply a very even coat of glue to the sub flooring with your trowel. Once even, gently roll out the sheet vinyl from the middle. This will help it adhere properly as well as remove air bubbles. After that is done repeat the process. After take your rented J-Roller and do a few passes to make sure there are definitely no air bubbles.

If there is any vinyl overhang on your edges of of the room, simply take your utility knife and trim the edges, this is where the metal straight edge comes in handy!

After the adhesive has set for the designated amount of drying time according to the product details, it is time to caulk. Simple cault the edges of the sheet vinyl flooring and you did it! Sheet Vinyl Flooring Installed!


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