Don’t Get Duped When It’s Time for A Professional Carpet Cleaning!

As we all know when it comes to maintaining the health and quality of our carpet, many of us opt for a professional cleaner to get the job done. Not because we are lazy or apprehensive, but simply because we want it done to the best that it can be. And as busy as we are nowadays, it’s sometimes hard to even find the time to do it ourselves.

Today’s blog will focus less on how the cleaning is done and more on what you should look for in the right Carpet Cleaning Professional when shopping around a local cleaning company.


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Why is this finding a qualified Carpet Cleaning Professional important?

For many reasons, but mainly so you don’t really get screwed over on your bill and quality of the cleaning. Also unless you bought a carpet without a warranty, you really need someone that will follow the specific cleaning guidelines for your specific manufacturer’s type.


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Things to Look for in a Carpet Cleaning Company

  • Experience – First and foremost, a big inclination of how your service will turn out will depend on the amount of experience the specific person cleaning your carpet has had with the company. At least five years experience is recommended. This assures that the individual is well grounded and comfortable, and it also will contribute to the quality of the services rendered.
  • Guarantee – Getting a guarantee is a good indication that the company backs it’s services 100%. This means that they are confident enough to get the job done as it should be. Ask about satisfaction guarantee when you get them on the phone.
  • Procedure – When asking the company about what they do, make sure to ask about the procedure to clean carpet. More than often a company will try to pull the wool over your eyes. Make sure that the absolute first step to their procedure is vacuuming! I know this seems a bit silly, but some claim that you do not need to vacuum as the deep cleaning will take care of the dirt. This could not be further from the truth, as deep cleaners are not vacuums. If they do not offer this service, it is time to find another company.
  • Bargains – Coupons are a great thing and you can find professional carpet cleaning coupons everywhere. The important thing to remember is the quality of services for the coupons. Rather than finding them in the paper and calling them based on potential savings, I find it more rewarding to call the company, tell them exactly what needs done, and ask if they have any “specials” running for that at this time. Typically they will give you some sort of discount, and sometimes it works out to where you get the exact services you were looking for less than the coupon was offering.
  • Caution Signs – Sometimes you will get telemarketers calling to clean your carpets. Take this as a red flag. The best businesses are local and using local businesses will contribute to your towns economy. But besides that also watch out for companies that price cleaning “by the room.” This is a sure fire way to add on a ton of hidden fees. Also when comparing room to room the sizes will differ greatly and in larger room with the cost of time and product you may get a less than stellar cleaning job from it. The pricing should always reflect the complete living space and not sectioned cleans.
  • Brands – While many of us love branding and trust certain products, just because you see the professional only uses those specific products does not mean that they live up to the quality of the product as a company. Ask about their certifications with the brand and research that they are telling the truth about them on your own time.
  • Billing – When you get your bill, typically when the services are completely, make sure to study it carefully before you sign it. Add-on fees are quite common in carpet cleaning bills. Its best to get the amount in writing before the job is started, this will assure a price guarantee. If they say they cannot evaluate the total before the job, find someone else, because they aren’t telling you the truth.

I hope that you found this information helpful. Thanks for reading and until next time. Happy Home and Flooring!

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