Area Rugs for your Hardwood Flooring – Styling and Care


Almeria – Mirrabella – Shaw Area Rug

Area rugs go with hardwood floors like bread goes with butter. It’s a perfect pairing. Many times we see only the aesthetic side of the equation, but beyond the design qualities, Area Rugs are both functional and beneficial to your hardwood flooring. That being stated however, you will only reap these benefits if you take care of your rugs and hardwood floor.

So Today’s Blog is all about How to pair the right area rug with you hardwood flooring and once you have decided how to take care of both floor coverings.

Choosing the Right Area Rug for Your Hardwood Floors


When dealing with area rugs on a hardwood floor, you should use the color of you hardwood to decide on the coloration of your rug. It is suggested that for darker hardwood you should go with a lighter rug. In this scenario you get a popping effect as your area rug really stands out against the darker background.

On the flip side, If you have very light toned hardwood a darker or bolder choice in color will better serve you as far as really making your area rug shine.

Once you have the shading down pat, the physical color of the rug should serve as an accent to your pillows, curtains, throws, etc. I’ve noticed some really interesting trends lately, but my favorite is when you take a very solid and bold accent color for one or two smaller pieces in the room and play with different shades of the same color through out the room. Example: Lime green pillows as you main accent, then some dark throws with olive curtains. Throw in a pop of color, such as a mustard yellow, and your on your way to a bohemian retreat.


Cadential – Shaw Area Rug


Size really depends on the size of your room and what you are trying to accomplish.

Small Room – Sitting rooms, bedrooms and spare rooms. In smaller rooms it will be hard to really make an area rug pop, but i’ve found that larger rugs do a lot for bringing big color and pattern to a small space. So feel free to go crazy!

Family, Living Room, Casual Room – When it comes to being casual you really do not want to go to big. Speaking from a functionality perspective, I would suggest making your rug as subtle as possible so in these common rooms you attention is brought to eye level. This makes family time worth it and a smaller less distracting rug will allow you to relax.

Loft, Open Floor Plan – This is the most technical of sizing up a room. You will literally use you area rug as a mode to define certain area of the open floor plan. These Rugs should be very large! Designated areas will be determined by the area rugs size and shape, like an invisible wall is surrounding it.

Caring for your Area Rug on Hardwood Floors


Sunlight overtime will cause your hardwood flooring to discolor. This is actually a wonderful thing to witness. Natural wood discolors overtime in tree for, and usually the colors that they turn become more rich, and depending on the type of wood, they hues will really come out over time. Example a Brazilian Cherry gets more red over time, It is absolutely stunning!

Area Rugs if not cared for, can easily leave squares on your flooring from your hardwood turning colors naturally. The solution to this problem is simple. Every Time you do a clean up, be sure to compare the color of the wood under the rug, to the exposed hardwood. The moment you notice discoloration, move the rug somewhere else.


To make it seamless, simply limit your outside lighting in the areas where you have rugs lain. Utilize window treatments and you will have no worries.


Make sure to always move your area rug and clean under it when maintaining your home. Many people decide to simply not lift the area rug but do not realize that particles like dust and dander can become trapped under the area rug, and each time that you walk on it you are dulling your hardwood floors. So the moral; Lift It when You Clean It!

Vacuuming is you best defense against your dirt and dust. Whats great about having an area rug on your hardwood flooring is that it will literally act as a filter for your hardwood floors. As drafts and air move through your home, dust and dander are blown all over the place. Hardwood floors can get down right dirty fast in some homes. But the great news is, the area rug will actually grab these particles and prevent them from roaming the room freely. So vacuum it frequently to cut down on allergies and dust.

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