5 Pointers On Designing Your Child’s Bedroom!

We often continue our specific design aesthetics collectively throughout our homes. But what about the children’s rooms? Do you stick to the plan or give their creative sides a jump start? I think its very important to lend a hand to your children’s own likes and interests. Today, I have prepared 5 tips and pointers for designing your child’s bedroom with a focus on getting those cogwheels cranking in their brains!

5 Pointers on Designing Your Child’s Bedroom

 #1  Color Galore!

Color can really keep you child interested in their environment. As adults we tend to us a lot of Earth Tones around the home and are excellent for matching and playing off of one another. But when it comes to children, especially as they go through certain stages in their brain’s development, begin to associate colors with feelings, tastes and sounds. Not to mention certain colors are actually proven to calm, inspire and encourage activity. Reds and Yellows tend to inspire hunger, so this is a great pick for those with picky eaters. Wall papers can offer an incredible array of colors for much less that it would be to paint and stencil.

#2  Carpet!

Kid-friendly carpet to be exact. Children love to be on the floor, and it is very uncomfortable for them to be on cold hard surfaces. They tend to bruise more and are at a higher risk of injury if they fall on hard surface flooring. But besides the added safety of choosing carpet over other flooring options, the super soft carpet will they comfy and cozy when stretching out on the floor to color or read books! But carpet stains!? Believe it or not, so does hardwood, laminate and  vinyl. Our recommended Kid-Friendly Carpet is SmartStrand Carpet with Dupont Sorona. It is incredbly stain resistant for the occasional spills and crayons, while at the same time a very soft and comfortable carpetl.

#3  Art For Smarts!

Unlike your home’s art, which is typically on the more expensive side of the spectrum. Feel free to get your children involved. This is the perfect time to spark creativity, by making some are with them for their own space. This not only utilized their creative side, but it is also highly beneficial for dexterity and hand eye coordination. The only thing is to always be around when creating art, a watchful eye is very important when any chemicals are involved, even if it is non-toxic kid-friendly items.

#4  Accessories aren’t just for Clothes!

When going crazy with the more expensive things like flooring and furniture, we sometimes forget that the details are what really make a room pop. Colorful pillows, blankets, hangings, and decor, take a room from drab to fab!

#5 Storage is a Must!

Kids throw things everywhere! Chances are, your kids have more toys and supplies that you do. Storage can be a fun way to not only keep your children’s items neat, but teaching them to do it themselves at an early age will have a rather large impact on keeping their personal items well maintained and organized throughout their lives. Book shelves, bins and art organizers are you best bet for providing your children with easy and accessible storage options.

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