5 Great Reasons and Benefits to Choose Tuftex Carpet

5 Great Reasons and Benefits to Choose Tuftex Carpet


1. Warmth and Comfortability

Carpet actually provides a certain amount of thermal resistance when installed in a home or office. This is measured as the R-Value. Colder climates and seasonal winter will be much more manageable with Tuftex Carpet because it retains warm air longer in a home. This means you will conserve energy and reduce your heating bill simply by using your heating less. 

Comfort is also a big part of everyday living. While hardwood, laminate, stone, vinyl and LVT offer different benefits, they are hard pressed to even be able to compete with the comfort level associated with carpeting you home or office.


Bling-Z6809-00121-Fluffy-White-Shaw-Tuftex-Residential-CarpetBling Z6809 – 00121 Fluffy White – Shaw Tuftex Residential Carpet

2. Stylish and Stunning

Tuftex Carpet allows you to choose from hundreds of design variations of Styles and Colors. You are truly the deciding factor in any type of carpet really. No other flooring option offers as many different textures or color options than carpet does. This is a designers dream flooring.

3. Saftey Driven

Not really considered much, but the safety aspect of children and adults alike with carpet directly translates to a reduced risk of falling due to slips in the home or office. And if you do misplace your feet and fall, the risk of injury to blunt force is dramatically reduced. 

Katmandu-Shaw-Tuftex-CarpeKatmandu – Shaw Tuftex Carpet

4. Noise Reduction

Our world is saturated with noise pollution, you cell phone, tvs, computers, toys, video games… the list goes on and on. Lucky Tuftex Carpet owners can enjoy an environment that is far superior as far as noise reduction goes. Carpet actually works as a sound barrier between floors of the home or office by blocking sound transmission from floor to floor.

5. Incredible Wearing

Tuftex Carpet will maintain its beauty for many, many years. If you keep it properly cleaned and maintained of course. So it’s a longterm investment, with many benefits!



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