The Style and Beginnings of Anderson Hardwood

The very beginnings of what you know of today as Anderson Hardwood started off in 1946, as1 Standard Plywoods, Inc. Founded by L.W. Anderson, also nicknamed “Andy”. Standard Plywoods was based in the Carolinas and ever since then Anderson has been committed to manufacturing high-quality hardwood flooring consistently, and most importantly, in the United States. The family business has grown steadily over the years, with successive generations eagerly coming on board to run the company. Andy, and his son Bob, bought Modernwood and its facilities and moved the company to Clinton, SC, in 1958.

Today, Anderson is owned by Shaw Industries, one of the world’s leading floor covering manufacturers. Shaw Industries is based in Georgia, and is a $4 billion Berkshire Hathaway company with more than 22,000 employees! Both companies share American values such as honesty, integrity, and passion, which allows them to fit perfectly together. Their partnership thrives in innovation and craftsmanship. Don Finkell, part of the Anderson family remains CEO and an active participant in the business operations.

Anderson is a leader in style and design. A few of their hallmarks are quality and durability, but these are only a few! Hardwood is Anderson’s beauty. They offer breathtaking styles in very popular tones, such as deep espresso, costal-inspired painted floors, fashionable grey accents and so many more gorgeous Anderson specialties, plus they all add to the company’s design Andersonleadership.  Anderson is a go-to manufacturer for interior designers worldwide and they are a proud partner of the American Society of Interior Designers also known as ASID. They travel the world in search of the latest interior design trends in all kinds of possibilities, paint, furniture, cabinetry and even textiles! Anderson’s Research and Development team is impeccable, and they regularly consult design influences for product feedback. They even hold a Designer Vision Summit for fellow design leaders to exchange inspiration and ideas.

Facts prove that Anderson is not only a small town business, but they have grown to be the best at what they do. With their leadership values, and their American heart, trust Anderson with your hardwood needs. Not only do they follow the top design trends so that you will always be up to date, but they value your feedback. With their popular tones and innovations Anderson is surely the perfect shop for you and your family.

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