The Legacy of Anderson Hardwood Floors

Warranties always tend to be a hassle, they can even be confusing at times but AndersonThe Legacy of Anderson Hardwood Floors would like to simply lay it all out for you. Anderson Hardwood not only builds extremely durable flooring, but they also offer you warranties that are easy to understand. Considering the speedy installation with their no-wax factory applied finish, your installment is a breeze! The second your box is shipped to your house, it is ready for installation; every plank is ready to be a part of your home. Sanding and staining? That’s a thing of the past now! With their UV-cured finish you immediately get assurance of superior durability and in the long run, wear-ability. They even offer you the option of super easy installation with their patented Eagle Tongue and Groove System on all ½-inch products.

Ever heard of hardwood that is Cross-Locked Engineered®? Well, I am proud to say that every Anderson hardwood floor is manufactured using this process. This process does something unlike any other before, it permanently locks the planks together, and thus delivering you with a more dimensional stability, a smoother look, and split resistance compared to ordinary solid oak. That way your products can enjoy the Anderson Limited Lifetime Residential Structural Warranty. All mill-run engineered products have a limited 15-year warranty and feature the Anderson Limited Residential Finish Warranty. All 3/4-inch solid plank and strip products have a limited 20-year warranty.

The Legacy of Anderson Hardwood FloorsToday Anderson Hardwood is making a big impact in the marketing world, but even in the beginning, they were committed to sustainability. Anderson’s history is based upon sustainable practices and things such as social responsibility and environmental leadership. Their very legacy is rooted in the promise to sustain, protect, and respect. Andersons commitment to these such promises, are celebrated best by third-party certifications, ascending from the nation’s leading environmental organizations.

These certifications allow not only retailers, but also consumers, to feel confident in Anderson Hardwood, explicitly in the health and sustainability of their hardwood. All domestically-sourced Anderson products have earned these following certifications:

The Legacy of Anderson Hardwood Floors

  • Cradle to Cradle™ Silver Certification
  • GreenGuard Children & Schools Certification
  • National Wood Flooring Association
  • Responsible Procurement Program

Anderson believes in support. Especially when it comes to communities and the people where we live and work. The company is involved in numerous charities on many levels, including the Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and Walk for the Cure and many more.

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