Selitac Shaw Underlayment: Make It Easy On Yourself!

The realm of underlayment is full of worthy options. Today we will be discussing an amazing laminate and engineered hardwood underlayment from Shaw called Selitac Underlayment.

Selitac is the perfect Multiple Use Underlayment.

It covers a variety of floating floor installations including both laminate and engineered hardwood flooring. Unlike traditional rolls of underlayment, Selitac separates itself from the pack by eliminating the rolling and implementing a folded feature. This makes it easier to cut, lay, and it even has locking edges!

Selitac Thermally Insulating Underlayment

The features of Selitac Underlayment are certainly impressive, boasting many of the qualities that modern homes require for health and happiness. Here are a few:

  • easy to cut, easy to lay, easy to lock
  • non allergenic, odorless and nontoxic
  • peace, quiet, and coziness
  • even greater seam strength
  • moisture and vapor resistant
  • easy to install
  • 100% recyclable and made in the USA
  • extends the warranty of Shaw Laminate or Engineered Hardwood

So you got the Features, but how about the Benefits?

  • Peace‚ quiet‚ and coziness. Fine–celled polystyrene construction provides extra thermal and sound insulation—which helps your room stay warmer and quieter.
  • Help for less–than–perfect subfloors. SELITAC corrects minor subfloor imperfections and cracks.
  • Even greater seam strength. Superior compression strength protects non-glued (or “floating”) floors from damage at the seams’s, a problem often caused by load pressure on floating floors.
  • Moisture and vapor resistant. SELITAC has an advanced, metalized, protective moisture barrier that eliminates the possibility of damage due to moisture or vapor penetration under normal installation conditions.
  • Easy to install. Fanfold panel design makes SELITAC quick and simple to lay. Folding panels are easier to work with than roll–type underlayments—the panels lie flat and stay flat without curling up.
  • 100% recyclable and made in the USA. SELITAC helps you go green while supporting the Red‚ White‚ and Blue.
  • Extends Your Warranty! When SELITAC is installed under any Shaw engineered hardwood or laminate‚ your flooring wear warranty is extended by an extra 10 years!

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