Putting the Luxury in Luxury Vinyl Tile

When shopping for floor covering the keen, though average, consumer is always keeping an eye out for products that allow them to have a luxurious and fashionable look, without that eye bulging price tag.

Today I bring you a look at some examples of LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) that are in corelation with the consumer mind set. Whether you are trying to remodel an old floor, instal the your first in a new home while trying to make your quickly vanishing budget last, LVT is smart option that does not sacrifice beauty for frugality. Though it may not carry quite the majestic aura of actual tile or hardwood floors, it makes up for the loss ten fold with so many other advantages such as; easy replacement, simple cleaning procedures, and outstanding durability!

The luxury in Luxury Vinyl Tile floor covering is truly nothing to take lightly, or think of as some marketing ploy, instead it is just what it claims to be, Luxurious.

Check out some of these Exotic Examples!


Adura Grand Canyon AT231 Mountain Side Mannington LVT


Terrain Deluxe Click – HF005-Tigerwood – LVT Flooring


┬áPromo Karn – Copper Slate 1 – Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tile

It may come as a suprise that LVT comes in some styles that are so extraordinary that most who see them will have to get past how beautiful they look before even realizing that they are not the real thing! So if you are shopping for floor covering products and running a tight ship, do not distress that you are going to have bland and lifeless floors untill you can save up enough to replace them with something more tasteful. Look no further than the luxurious options to be found within the many lines of Luxury Vinyl Tile floor covering products! Bring any room with any subfloor to life with durable and easy to install Luxury Vinyl Tile floor covering products and get that sheik look that you whether it is contemporary, traditional, or something more exotic! Luxury Vinyl Tiles provide all the options without all the trouble and costs! Be sure to check out these and the many other available LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) products and styles today!

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