Laminate Flooring: Kid-Friendly and Affordable!

Typically, families that have kids are always on the hunt for the perfect flooring that is both kid-friendly and affordable! This is where laminate flooring takes a step to the front of the line. It is a very smart and budget friendly flooring option for families with children of all ages.┬áLet’s face it kids love to play and sometimes can get downright exhausting to keep up with. Toys, food and drinks are constantly thrown and spilled. Basically if it can make a mess, the little buggers will utilize the fact to the fullest. Today’s blog is all about sharing the possibilities of laminate with you and your family.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate floors are resistant to scratching and are very durable against even the most rowdy of children. With laminate you can rest assured that your flooring will be able to handle the stress just as much as you. Unlike carpet you will not have to break out the cleaning solutions when a simple spill happens. No harsh chemicals and scrubbing required. Simply wipe it up and move on to the next challenge.

With laminate is is actually possible to replace a plank that got ruined somehow, you know how cleats can ruin a floor after an exciting soccer game. This is a great option for these instances of destruction!

Another great thing about laminate flooring is that it is actually quite beautiful. Their are many styles available in today’s market, boasting a variety of textures, grains, patterns and colors that are sure to inspire a room.

Laminate Flooring Is To Flooring as a Shield Is To A Knight!

Literally designed to take anything that your active family can throw its way, it is resistant to penetration and the majority of household cleaners and organic solvents. No worries about markers, crayon, lipstick or nail polish! Laminate flooring has got you covered.

Cleaning up after a mess is incredibly easy and even permanent marker drawings can be removed with a bit of acetone without damaging the flooring material. Incredible!

Laminate flooring is often considered to be a green flooring option, provide beneficial benefits for your family in the health department. Its a great option for those suffering from allergies and with a simple regular sweeping you will rare need to use any chemicals to clean it.

Budget Friendly

The economy is finally starting to regain a bit of momentum, but the great thing out the recent struggles of many is that we have learned to use our money wisely and budget accordingly. With great sacrifice comes significant wisdom. You will be happy to know that the majority of laminate flooring is very affordable. DIY installation is also very easy adding an extra layer of savings for those looking to make their dollar go even further.

I hope you and your family enjoy your laminate for years to come and can’t wait to hear what you think about it. Until Next Time!

Happy Home, Family and Flooring!

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