Hospitality Carpet for a New Generation of Guests

Hospitality carpet has definitely been on a path of evolution. Gone are the days of tired earth tone patterns and solid dull colors. Today we are seeing more and more bold ideas being added to hotel and motel flooring. I remember when I was growing up and traveling with family that there was never really a huge focus put into making the floor noticeable. But now, thanks to modern technologies and printing processes, you will not be able to help yourself from looking down when walking to admire the scenery below.

Call-Of-The-Wild-Hot-Spot-54502-Shaw-Philadelphia-Commercial-CarpetCall of the Wild – Hotspot 54502 – Shaw Philadelphia Commercial Carpet

So, why has this new type of Hospitality Carpet become so popular?

Pop culture of course. 

As we are approaching a newer world, our ideas in design are really keeping up with the flow. In a technology driven society where “Bold is Beautiful,” of course our surroundings will adapt to accomodate it. Bright colors, striking visuals and bold lines are really what is trending now in the hospitality world.

It is common knowledge that when we travel, instead of focusing on the destination or sites to see, we are also focusing in the quality of our guest room’s and lobby’s carpeting. We want to be greeted by a cutting edge, eye-opening entrance to our vacations and business excursions when we arrive, and what better way to brighten up the mood than actually highlighting the very thing you will be walking on.


Brio – Corridor Hospitality – Hotel/Motel Carpet

A New Generation of Guests

Not only is the Guest demographic becoming increasingly focused on refinment, but they are also getting younger. I’m not really talking about age, but more of a mindstate. Let’s face it we are approaching a world run by a window of imagery that allows us to peek into every facet of the world. We have more access to foreign ideas than ever before and it is everchanging. Creativity has blossomed in Today’s society and we expect it to motivate us to push the boundaries of design and aesthetics even further.

So, in the Hospitality Carpet world, we expect to be WOWed!


Modem Field – Guest Room – Hospitality Carpet

The Future of Hotel and Motel Flooring

While we cannot predict the fashions and trends of the future, we can definately project where it is heading. It’s heading where our society is heading, forward. We no longer look back as a community of Guests. We look forward to what is New and Trendy. We look for what is standing out on Twitter and Facebook. We look for the complete package. This is what we will spend our money on.

I for one am very excited to see this industry continue to cross the boundaries of traditional Hospitality Carpet and enter the New Age of innovative and striking design.

It’s time to look past our designer shoes and behold what is beneath our feet.


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