Floor Covering Consumer Guide Part 2: Educated Decisions

Shopping Smarter!

Once you have found a credible source of information then you are ready for the next phase of the floor covering consumption process. (The hardest part is already behind you!) Now you must make an informed decision on which floor covering product or products will be right for your floor space, and then making the transaction, delivery and installation process as smoothly as possible.

Smart shopping is first and foremost about the exchange of information! (and of course the exchange of goods and currency later on)

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The first part of making a decision can now be achieved easily with the guidance of your information source, be they online or in person. The information cannot just go one way though! You must inform your retailer of many things, whether they are on an internet, face to face, or phone medium. Make sure they know what kind of sub floors you have, what kind of foot traffic individual areas of your floor space will get, and what level of elevation you are needing to install floors on. (is it in the basement, ground floor, or upstairs?) This is all critical information that must be disclosed if you wish to get the best information on what products will be right for you. Just remember to not sit back and watch as the decision is made for you! It is your floor so let them know your input and desires so that they can lead you to the best choices from which to choose. Also be sure to keep you budget in mind and do not get caught up in the excitement and buy floors for one room so expensive that you may have to go over budget to finish the rest of the space! Another thing to remember is that it is NEVER a bad idea to get a little extra of a product in case you need to replace or repair your floors in the future!

Prior to the delivery and installation you will have to make a few more key decisions.

These will include the decision of whether or not you wish to save money and DIY (do it yourself) or pay professionals to install it. There are plenty of ways to find out which choice will be right with you and it often differs based on types of flooring (carpet, hardwood, vinyl, etc) and many other factors. Just make sure to consult your retailer or alternate source of information before going one way or the other. Choosing to do it yourself might be the way to go with products like carpet tiles and LVT(luxury vinyl tile), but for some other types of floor covering you may want to just let professionals take over to avoid damaging your beautiful new floors. Your sales person or retail associate can suggest which option will be the best and even recommend some truthworthy installers to help you get the job done right! The same principle can be applied to your floor covering product’s delivery. Do you have a vehicle capable of carrying the products to the installation site? Maybe you want to save a little extra money by picking it up yourself. Once again your retailer can assist you by letting you know if the option to pick up your products yourself is possible with the vehicle you have available, or if you should just let them use one of their delivery professionals. Again the process is always made easier by the exchange of information! Always keep in mind,  there are no dumb questions so dialogue, dialogue, dialogue!

carpet,hardwood flooring,Vinyl Floor,guide,Floor Covering,Floor

Once you have decided how to get the product to the installation site and who is going to install it, you just have to prep the space by removing all furniture and other obstructions of the installation process. Then you can once again decide if you want to remove an existing subfloor yourself, (If there is one to remove) or just let the installers do it. Be sure to research even this small decision as some sub floors can just be covered up by certain types of new flooring products, while others require a bare subfloor to be properly installed. Here is another oppurtunity to make use of your retailer’s helpful sales associates to ensure that your installation goes as smoothly as possible. A good salesperson from an efficient retailer can help make this entire process into a piece of cake!

As long as you are careful and patient with your deliberation processes, you will soon be the proud owner of a new floor covering that excels in beauty as well as in quality. I hope that you enjoyed this consumer guide and wish you the best of luck with your shopping experience in the floor covering industry!


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