Floor Covering Consumer Guide Part 1: Quality Information

Getting Started

The task of inspecting the entirety of the vast flooring market in order to determine the floor that is right for you can be a daunting one for most of us.There are just so many different types of floor covering out there, so many individual styles and a plethora of differing manufacturers who make all of them. We have to find a way to wade through the ocean of information and though the internet can help us, (obviously lol) sometimes searching floor covering or hardwood floors on google is going to end up drowning us rather than keeping us afloat.

So the first point of focus I would like to discuss in this series is going to be the importance of where you get your information and the standard of quality you should be looking for the in the service you receive on this consumer journey, for it can be a perilous journey on which it can be rather easy to become lost!

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Most of us do not know much about floors, and so when we are attempting to make a decision on which ones to purchase, how much of them we will need, how to install them or get a professional to do so, clearly we will be needing a little help. There are plenty of blogs and articles out there to help us, but when you are getting information always make sure it is from a good source.

Sometimes you will be getting information second or third hand online and most of the time you will see inconstancy in the information you find. Some will say one thing and others might be saying the direct opposite! Who do we believe?

Make sure you are reading credible sources who have experience or the backing of manufactures behind the information they give.

Buying floor covering is a big investment and you do not want to make investments based on information that is not reliable.

So, how do we find the right information? Well other than the internet, which is the most common means of getting information, there are also the good people of the retail marketplace. Just as with the internet you need credible information here as well and not just jargon that you don’t understand combined with fast talking. The most important thing I can stress about getting your information from retail sources is that they must actually have knowledge in the first place in order to relay solid information to you. You might be scratching your head and saying “well duh”, but trust me as I recently found out when attempting to garner information about flooring products in one of the top ten largest retailers in the world.

To summarize my anecdote of poor customer service; I attempted to speak to someone in the flooring department and after an exhausting search of the department, the one person there knew little to nothing that could help me! I then spoke to two more associates who also seemed to know less than me!

If I was buying socks and the person knew less than me, not a big deal, but when I am trying to buy semi-permanent flooring products that cost a lot of sock money, I need someone who has been working in the industry for more than two weeks.

Choosing a retail professional to trust for your floor covering information is much like choosing a trustworthy guide for making a journey into unfamiliar regions!

 Floor, Floor Covering, guide, hardwood flooring, carpet, google, Vinyl Floor

The main point that I cannot stress enough is to get quality information!

This is the first step for any who are looking into making a floor covering purchase! Your floors are one of the most important parts of your home and so you just cannot just take anyone word or advice on how to go about choosing them. Call and speak to someone at a trusted retailer and get some first hand information, and if you think they might sound as if they do not know much don’t be afraid to ask them what kind of experience they have.

You are the customer and it is your money to be spent, so never back down or get steamrolled into a bad purchase. A good floor covering salesperson will give you all the options, while still warning you about which of those options is going to be more troublesome a course to take. They will work with you every step of the way all the way to installation to make sure your journey through the world of the floor covering industry.

The first step to any great expedition is mapping out a route to take, and the information you gather is your map! So be sure you avoid getting lost in the desert of ignorance by making sure you get quality information from professionals!

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