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Who better than Anderson Hardwood to make your American dream come true? With AndersonMrAnderson Hardwood you get flooring that is rich, strong and welcoming the second you walk in your door. As you may already know, hardwood is the time-honored choice for the American home. It’s warm and reflects the very essence of a family life. Anderson Hardwood started off as a family owned business in 1946 and now they are one of the nation’s leading hardwood manufacturers. With good reason, because they unite superb craftsmanship, impeccable quality and innovative design while still offering all American made hardwood. Unmatched in beauty and durability you deserve the best, and it’s perfect for your home! They are absolutely dedicated to what they do, and as their slogan goes, “Hand-crafted from our home to yours, this is Anderson Hardwood.”

Now, time for a quick history lesson in innovation! Anderson’s history is well worth your time. They have emphasized their engineered flooring for its durability, efficiency and versatility since the beginning. Most predominantly because Anderson invented it himself.  Cross-Locked Engineered® was first developed by Anderson’s founder, L.W. Anderson, and is still used today as the industry standard. The construction method alternates the grain direction of five separate wood plies to create a product that rivals the strength of steel and uses half as much raw wood as solid floors. This impeccable innovation allowed wood floors to be glued down directly to a concrete slab, which had never been done before! Even today, Anderson continues to be one of the top industry leaders in hardwood innovation. Only 16 years ago, Anderson Hardwood introduced the first aluminum oxide high-wear wood floor finish, perfect for a high traffic environment. And a mere LL Scuff4 years ago, Anderson debuted their revolutionary Luster-Lock® Ultra Finish, is has proven to be up to SIX TIMES more resistant to scuffs and abrasion compared to the other competitive hardwood flooring finishes. Due to this breakthrough technology, they have extended the finish wear-warranties on their products by up to 50 years. This gives today’s busy consumer peace of mind regarding the durability and life of your Anderson floor. Now that’s security!

Overall, Anderson is innovative, and constantly growing to keep up with today’s hardwood industry. If you’re looking for the perfect new hardwood floor, choose Anderson Hardwood not only because of their small town origins, but because of their family values. Anderson Hardwood knows the American ways and has followed those principles since day one.

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