Want Hardwood Flooring That Can Handle Rough Without the Scuff?

Looking for hardwood flooring that gives you some bang for your buck in those high traffic floor spaces?

Tired of hardwood flooring that lose it’s beauty and shine just because you had to move a piece of furniture?

Want hardwood flooring that can stand up to your kids and all of their toys and shenanigans?


Well some consumers do want these things when they shop for hardwood. In fact, for some it is the number one priority. Durability can apply to a lot of different areas when it comes to hardwood but the most noticeable type of durability is a strong finish on the wood, resilient to the wear of everyday life. Many lower quality products can look gorgeous straight out the box and after your installation, but as soon as people start living their lives on top of them, those good looks go out the window.

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Image from Shawfloors.com

Luckily for those who know this when going into the process of procuring new hardwood floors, Shaw is hard at work. Their Epic Hardwoods can make your home comfortable and stylish with an extra guarantee of what is to come from the wood’s future. This guarantee is what they call their trade marked, Scruff Resist Platinum.

Shaw Floors’ Epic Hardwood with Scruff Resist Platinum has a gorgeous finish that is nearly impossible to scruff by normal means! Unlike other hardwoods that can have permanent markings within hours to days of normal foot traffic, Shaw Floors’ Epic Hardwood with Scruff Resist will let you enjoy the investment you have made in your home without worry. You might be able to save money with a cheaper option, but ask yourself this;

Will it make you stress and tiptoe across it for years until you finally give up on not being able to live on your own floors?

Next ask yourself this;

Is the amount you saved on your hardwood flooring worth it in the long run? 

The secret to being a smart consumer is not always taking the cheapest option. Sometimes you can save more in the long run by paying for a higher quality product. A good suggestion would be to buy less expensive hardwood in rooms with less foot traffic and invest in more durable flooring options, like Shaw’s Epic Hardwood with Scruff Resist for high traffic areas such as living rooms and kitchens.

Now, for those who are saying that it is all just a bunch of big talk from Shaw about the legitimacy of their scruff resistant floors I submit this.

While at Shaw’s expo in Orlando last month, I got to see a demo where they built a race track out of Epic Hardwood flooring. They had a huge line of flooring dealers’ and partners’ families, lined up to get a chance to test the product by racing remote controlled cars on the track. I can say first hand from what I saw after two days of this going on at the expo; the wood’s finish still looked excellent. For those that may still be skeptical by this anecdote, I would like to invite you to view the video below.



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