Tips on choosing colors and textures from Mohawk Flooring

We all want that professionally designed look in our homes without having to actually contract an interior designer.

Luckily the internet is filled with sites, blogs and videos that can help us do it ourselves. The biggest question is; whom do we think is the right choice when deciding where to get our advice?

There is SO MUCH out there these days that it is hard to know where to even begin. One great source that the flooring industry has become quite attached to is the people at Home and Garden Television. They are some of the most well known professionals when it comes to giving advice on style and design in your home.

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Mohawk flooring has put out a series of these videos over the last few years and they are quite impressive. This video features a HGTV featured interior designer, Taniya Nayak, who is known for her work on the popular show, Designed to Sell. In this short video she briefly explains the importance of choosing the right neutrals and proper use of textures in order to set off other colors and make the room open up and seem bigger than it actually is. Check it out!



So as you can see, the importance of neutrals and an attention to detail in regard to the textures you use in the surfaces of your room can make a huge difference in what you end up with. The goal with design in any space is to get the most out of what you are working with. Even a smaller room that makes one feel cramped can have a totally different effect after a remodeling of the colors and textures used on it’s floor and wall surfaces.

The importance of building a foundation of neutral colors and texture balance before experimenting with bursts of loud color and exotic textures can not be underestimated. Make it your goal to cultivate a mixture of balanced proportions in the design of your space. When the room has a balance it can stand out with out sticking out, can entertain the eye without overwhelming it. Flooring is one the best ways to achieve this balance. Exotic hardwoods can sometimes be the fuse to setting of a solid foundation of neutral colors and classical textures in perfect balance among the walls and furnishings of a room to make it explode from the bottom up!

Carpet is no less versatile in playing a role in the equilibrium of balance gained from the use of unaggressive styles and cuts, or becoming a centerpiece of flare in texture or color using lush shag carpets or colorful yet elegant area rugs. Doing all of this can cost what you make it cost as you maneuver around your budget.

Remember to save enough money for those eyecatching parts of your room’s design, but don’t splurge and not leave enough to build the rest of the room’s core foundation! This is the definition of DIY projects after all, always trying to work with what you have! Budget carefully and get all the free tips you can, and remember that you can do amazing things with very little if you can just put in enough effort!

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