Three of my favorite styles from Armstrong Hardwood Flooring!

There is probably no flooring that is as easy to clean, durable and beautiful as a top teir engineered hardwood.

Many others would name such a quality floor covering choice under one of their favored options as well. Well the people at Armstrong know us well, which is why they continue to bring us collections of beautiful, hand scraped hardwood that will impress even the most veteran of consumer.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Wood Flooring, hardwood flooring, Floor Covering

The many lines of Armstrong hardwood flooring are designed to fit any decorative fashion. Armstrong covers it all, from that rugged American style of elegant, wide wood plank floor covering to the contemporary, sleek hardwood that gives that modern look. They bring the flooring industry some of the best engineered hardwood available, products that manage to be durable and breathtaking at the same time. Arguably the best part of buying hardwood flooring is picking the species of wood that has the unique look that you enjoy the most. Armstrong has a large collection of beautiful species of hardwoods in all sizes and levels of thickness, as well as a variety of beautiful finishes to give us floor covering consumers as much choice as possible!

Engineered Hardwood Flooring, Hardwood Flooring, Wood Flooring, hardwood flooring, Floor Covering

After checking out the various color/style choices in the many collections available from Armstrong, I picked out three that I found to be the most outstanding in my opinion. 

First for my exotic or bold choice, I went with Wash Cherry.

Artesian Classics - Wash Cherry - 0557  Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Artesian Classics – Wash Cherry – 0557 

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring


Second, for my more subtle but still gorgeous pick, I selected Coventry Brown.

Flooring Gatsby  - Coventry Brown  - 765CBZ Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Flooring Gatsby  – Coventry Brown  – 765CBZ

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring

Third, I picked Auburn from the Yorkshire collection, which I thought to be one of the most well rounded options available. 

Yorkshire     -    Auburn     -     BV131AU Armstrong   Hardwood  Flooring

Yorkshire     –    Auburn     –     BV131AU

Armstrong   Hardwood  Flooring

I know that all of the colors within these collections are excellent products which is always to be expected from Armstrong. These three were my personal favorites due to the way the different colors could make the hand scraped look of the wood pop out loudly or just silently add to the beauty of a room; depending on what the space might need. I hope you enjoyed my picks from these new products and don’t forget to check out all the styles and collections from Armstrong today!

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