The Most Beautiful Area Rugs in the World by Bob Timberlake

Introducing Beauty 

Area rugs are in the opinion of some, the most gorgeous floor covering that one can invest in. They have that unique ability, when properly selected, to set off the theme of an entire room. They can give it anything you need, be it a classical oriental look or that contemporary flare that can warm a cold room full of neutral colors. Whether you are looking for an exotic rug or something on the more standard side of things, Shaw Floors offers many breathtaking options. They continue to bring us new lines of area rugs that not only bring us the traditional and modern styles we love, but also new takes on many existing styles. How do they continue to set the bar so high each year with these new styles of area rugs? They do it with the help of their good friend, acclaimed southern artist, Bob Timberlake.


About Bob

Bob Timberlake is an excellent and celebrated artist from North Carolina, who has been making art since childhood but did not formally start his career until 1970. Since that time he has sold out many showcases of his art at galleries all over the country and has even been featured in galleries in Tokyo, Japan. He has been featured in Magazines all over the nation and has released seven books showcasing his artistic works. He has even been honored by two presidents in the white house, Carter and Reagan, as well as Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace! Currently he acts as the chairman of Bob Timberlake Incorporated, the licensing company that manages the Bob Timberlake Brand.


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Innovation and Excellence

One thing that you will notice right off when looking at some of the Timberlake area rugs designs, is his unique ability to reinvent the classical looks that most floor covering consumers will recognize. He brings new life to these traditional looks with innovative twists to their core designs. We see oriental and southwestern style area rugs with no borders or no fringe. Others still have the classic looks but with newly acquired attention to color and detail thanks to the genius of Mr. Timberlake. In some of my favorite styles he truly manages to capture the spirit of southern lifestyle and it is as if you can see the life and history coming right out of the rugs at you! The legacy of Bob Timberlake will live on in galleries long after he is gone one day, but for the many who appreciate his work in the flooring industry, it will live on in a much more personal and homey way.

Be sure to check out the Shaw Floors lines of Area Rugs, with designs by Bob Timberlake if you are looking for a elegant flooring option to complete your home’s decor!

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