The Dark Side or the Light Side: A hardwood consumer guide.

So you know that you want to go with a hardwood flooring product in your home.

To start off there are many things you must consider about your pending wood flooring purchase; width, length, thickness and many other factors. Today lets discuss the attribute of hardwood that is most controversial; the color or style. One of the hardest decisions to make, will be whether you want to go with a dark or a light finish with your wood floor selection. In interior design, color is everything and finding a way to balance that color when matching it up or contrasting it, is one of the hardest parts of getting that perfect look. I will attempt to guide you through the thought process of how light or dark hardwood flooring is extremely significant in your purchasing decision!

Lets talk about how flooring plays a role in the balance of your room, and how to tell when you should succumb to the dark or the light side! Lighter hardwood flooring styles and colors can really open up a room, but sometimes too much of a lighter hardwood can make a room that you want to be warm or cozy end up seeming homely instead. The same extreme can be reached with darker styles of hardwood floors. You want to use darker styles to give a rich aura to a space that envelopes the senses of those in it rather than suffocating them.

Sometimes when planning out the shade of your floor covering, you may want to match it up with other similar colors on surfaces in the room, be they walls, ceilings, counter tops, cabinets or furniture. Remember the key here is going to always be letting Balance be your guide! When matching up colors and surfaces in a room to the hardwood flooring you have opted to go with, remember, just don’t go overboard! The goal here is to amplify the beauty of the style you have chosen without making it into an eyesore. This can be achieved in many ways, sometimes with matching cabinets, sometimes with furniture, and quite often you will even see it done by matching up the tone of the floor with the ceiling!

Always attempt to leave room for Contrast when designing a space around a gorgeous hardwood floor. If you have a lighter floor then maybe go for a darker yet neutral wall color scheme and then add then throw in some cabinets or wood furniture that is a lighter color like your floor. The contrast achieved will make the wood stand out to the viewer and make them appreciate the beauty of your hardwood flooring selection. Different looks require different levels of balance in colors and textures, but it is never a bad idea to be on the conservative side. This will really put the room’s focus on that gorgeous exotic hardwood flooring, which is exactly what you want from such a wood flooring selection.

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Here is an excellent example of how you can achieve balance

and as a result you can then develop contrast.

See how using a light yet neutral wall color combined with a bright and exotic hardwood floor,(also of a lighter shade), followed by cabinets that are painted with a dark yet neutral color can make the beautiful floor stand out so well? Throw in the fact that the designer also decided to install the wood in a diagonal direction to bring even more life to this kitchen’s hardwood and you can easily see why the decision of light or dark can be so important! So just remember to keep the principles of balance and contrast in mind and have a conservative nature and you will find that almost anyone can make professional like selection on their new hardwood flooring without any assistance at all!

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