The Best Ways to Protect Hardwood Flooring during Winter

A hardwood floor can be put to the test during the winter, especially when the winter storms begin. Recently there have been quite a few draw dropping examples of mother nature’s cold season. Whether it be fluffy snow or freezing rain, you really need to be prepared for what this can do to your hardwood flooring. Today, we will be going over a few of the best ways that you can protect your hardwood flooring from a harsh winter.

Wipe Your Feet At the Door!

Though sometimes unavoidable, their is really no reason what so ever to go beyond your threshold without cleaning or removing your shoes. It is baffling how much dirt and debris can be brought in from outside your home from just walking about. This is especially prominent in the winter adding a plethora of unwanted guest into your home in the form of rock salts, grit, and ice.

As you know highly abrasive materials such as these can destroy you hardwood flooring. Not to mention the damaging effects of setting water that come from melting snow and ice can add another layer of aggravation. But don’t get discouraged just yet the solution is by far the simplest. Wipe your feet or remove your shoes before you step foot on the hardwood flooring in your home. You will be glad you did!


Make sure to allow you and your guest an actual place to put your shoes if you elect to remove them at the door. This will act as a sponge to any excess water or dirt that you may have tracked through.

Maintain the proper humidity level in your home.

To stay warm and toasty inside during those cold winter months, many crank up the heat. While this may be a great move for your physical comfort, it can have a negative impact on your hardwood flooring.

Heating can cause excessive dryness in the home, which can dry out your hardwoods and lead to problems like shrinkage. Replace the moisture in the home by running a humidifier.

Clean that Hardwood Flooring!

It’s important to clean your hardwoods frequently throughout the year to help maintain their appearance. The winter months are especially important though, due to the ice, slush, snow and other elements of the season that can create damage. Use a high-quality broom or a vacuum without a beater bar to pick up regular dirt and debris. Follow up with a dampened mop.

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