Refinish your Hardwood Flooring or Install New Vinyl Flooring?

When a person considers whether he/she should re-finish hardwood flooring or update with vinyl flooring, they take many variables into consideration. The sheer amount of foot traffic, how easy it is to take care of and if the flooring is aesthetically appealing are just a few of these variables. How expensive the flooring is and impact on the environment are also usually at the top of the list. Trends in refinishing hardwood flooring and vinyl flooring are also considered before the person makes the big decision.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has considerably changed for the better since years past. They boast beautiful and vibrant colors and patterns as well as natural wood and tile templates. Vinyl flooring is often confused with hardwood flooring or tile by the common passer-by, but is far less expensive than either of the two. New vinyl tiles and planks make it possible to swap out accidents that simply cannot be fixed, making this a versatile solution to an environment that has a lot of wear and tear factors.

Sheet vinyl is by far one of the easiest floors to maintain. You will never have to worry about gaps or grout lines when installing sheet vinyl flooring. Hotel lobbies can benefit greatly from going with a vinyl floor, since it is durable and can hold up against heavy foot traffic, high heel shoes and rolling luggage.


Hardwood Flooring

Refinishing hardwood floors is another popular option. Refinishing hardwood floors is generally less expensive than replacing the flooring. If the floors are unique or part of the history of a home or business, refinishing the floor allows the original hardwood to remain in the building and also helps maintain the architectural integrity of the building. Refinishing hardwood floors also provides a greener option. Old floors are not taken to a landfill and new resources are not consumed.

Modern trends in flooring often include making green choices in flooring and refinishing the floors is one way to help the environment. Refinishing hardwood floors is also less invasive than replacing the floors. A floor can be refinished in a day and the main tool used is a sander, providing less interference with business operations.

With other flooring options, the installation may take several days and will require blocking off the area that is being replaced. Hardwood floors are susceptible to damage caused by moving furniture and heeled shoes, so they should not be used in heavily trafficked areas.  Deciding to refinish hardwood floors or use vinyl flooring depends in part on the trends of using low maintenance flooring and green options.

So you now have a overview of Refinishing a hardwood flooring and installing a new vinyl floor. Both are awesome choices and both pleasing to the wallet when compared to other solutions. I hope you enjoyed Today’s Blog and I can’t wait to get your feedback and opinions on the topic.

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