Operation Finally Home supported by the patriots at Mohawk Flooring

Mohawk Flooring is going to great lengths to support our troops, in particular our wounded veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  Mohawk Flooring, Unbelievably Outrageous, Floor Covering, Video

They have partnered with the Operation Finally Home program, a non profit organization that builds homes for disabled veterans of the American Armed Forces. This is a prime example of the type of excellence in American Industry that we see so rarely today. Mohawk has already donated the floors in sixteen homes built for disabled veterans last year, and will continue to partner with the BABA (Bay Area Builders Association) and their Operation Finally Home program, in the future. Check out this great video they made to promote this amazing program that honors our disabled troop’s service!


That was about Mohawk’s support of the program in two thousand and twelve, but what are they planning this year?

Well it seems they are teaming up with Dancing With the Stars’ winner, J.R. Martinez. Martinez is an injured veteran himself, and so who could be better to lead the charge of Mohawk’s support of the Operation Finally Home program! He understands the plight of disabled veterans better than most and is eager to work with them to help make the transition, from the battlefield to the homeland, much easier.

  Mohawk Flooring, Unbelievably Outrageous, Floor Covering, Video

 Image from Mohawkflooring.com


The homes will feature beautiful floors from the donations of Mohawk Flooring, but beauty is not all that will make these homes so special. They will be custom designed and outfitted to accommodate the injuries and disabilities of the veterans who will make them their homes. The homes are also, of course, given to the disabled veteran’s families free of charge. These great men might have had a rough go at defending out nation, but they can now start fresh with no mortgage to worry about on their homes! What at great gift to show these men that their heavy sacrifices have not gone unnoticed.

Bravo to Mohawk Flooring and to the good people at BABA(Bay Area Builders Association) for their generosity and patriotism.

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