Affordable Hardwood, Luxury Vinyl, and Carpet, Oh My!

Everyone wants to keep up with the seemingly endless crescendo of contemporary consumer trends, may they be those of the environmental perspective or those of the capricious nature of the fashion world.

No matter which trends guide you in your shopping etiquette, today there is one trend that can unite us all. The great equalizer for the home owner these days, (whether they are building or remodeling) is without a doubt, frugality.

We all want to give each room a flare that reflects our personal tastes while being in style and Eco-friendly, but when you get down to brass tax the bottom line is cost.

When building a home or remodeling an existing one, there must always be a budget. Budgets quickly run thin though, (especially when building) and sometimes when it comes down to the floor, (no pun intended) there just isn’t a lot of capital left. Fear not though consumers, because if you look hard enough you can find the flooring industry to be very accommodating to the thrifty consumer.

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Affordable Hardwood: Fact or Fiction?

Hardwood is one of the most beautiful ways to cover your floors and gives kitchens, hallways and living rooms that rustic look that is so satisfying. The problem with hardwood is the price tag which is often the straw that breaks the camels back. That camel being your budget!

Hardwood sells for quite a bit whether you are looking at engineered or classic hardwood flooring options. The secret to saving on your wood floors is in the grade of the product.

Experienced hardwood consumers can tell you that tavern grade wood can look just as good as it’s higher priced relatives with an intense decrease in the cost!

Sometimes getting tavern grade hardwood will not only save you money but also give your floor a slightly more unique look due to the variety that can be found in the wood’s grain.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring: Get the “affordable” price without the “vinyl” look!

The world of vinyls has changed over the years bringing us a whole new sector of flooring known as LVT.

No longer just a cheap alternative to throw down instead of buying the chic flooring you wish you could afford, vinyl has evolved.

Though it is still much easier to install that most of the other floor surface types that it emulates, LVT brings us that high end quality and style while remaining economically friendly.

Do not be a doubter and check out LVT for yourself and see the quality that multitudes of home owners have already begun to enjoy for themselves!

Buying Carpet Tiles can save you piles!

Carpet can be one of the most expensive flooring products or one of the cheapest, depending on what style or brand you decide to go with.

Even if you find a good deal or get a lower end product, you may still end up busting you budget wide open after installation fees!

There is an alternative that can save you on initial price and on those pesky installer costs as well; Carpet Tiles.

Carpet tiles allow you to the chance of a simple DIY installation or the option of paying a professional much less than you would with a normal carpet installation. Another bonus to using carpet tiles is that you can easily remove a single tile and clean it yourself should it become dirty or stained! For those who have a creative side when decorating your home you can even try mixing and matching carpet tiles to give a room an individuality that can be found no where else!

The world of flooring products can be daunting at times for the inexperienced consumer and even for the veteran when trying to shop on a budget, but there are always deals our there and great alternatives like the ones discussed above.

Just remember to have fun with your flooring project and good luck!



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