4 Great Flooring Options for DIY Installation!

Looking to save a ton on your next flooring installation? Then you should really check out the DIY installation options in Today’s Blog. These are the industries leading options in flooring if you are looking for a DIY project with a room changing power.

4 Flooring Options for Do-It-Yourself Installation

1. Engineered Hardwood Flooring

The natural warmth and beauty of solid hardwood without the added aggravation of using heavy equipment to sand and finish it. Engineered wood is pre-finished and will typically come in wider planks that are long as well. By using a standard tongue and groove joint, you will not have to worry about any messy gluing or nailing. They will actually float over a thin underlayment (flooring cushion).

Despite the belief of most, engineered planks are 100% wood. During the construction process each plank of wood has layers, to achieve these layers the wood plies are sandwiched together using a lamination process. This is very similar to plywood. Most planks consist of 3 layer types: The bottom being a solitary sheet of a thin wood veneer; the middle, which runs perpendicular to the bottom layer is comprised of wooden cross bands; and finally the top layer is a pre-finished surface.

2. Loose Lay Luxury Vinyl Plank

Today we have no need to glue our luxury vinyl plank down, with Karndean’s Loose Lay options you will get a much thicker and more durable vinyl plank flooring. This will result in a long lasting floor with a comfortable feel when you walk on it.

This is the easiest flooring installation that I have ever witnessed. All you need is a straight edge and a box cutter and you are good to go. No glue, no nails, not staples, no sweat!

3. Laminate Flooring

This is installed just like engineered wood flooring however the construction and materials used are different.

One large advantage over real wood flooring is that it is very resistant to most stains, scratching, fading, damaging and wearing. This not only replicates the look of wood but you can find tile laminate as well.

4. Carpet Tiles

One of my personal favorites of the lot.  I absolutely love carpet tiles in a home. You can replace one if the need arises without destroying your entire floor. You also have no limitations to the pattern and design of a carpet tile, they come in an extensive array of colors and styles with several different comfort levels depending on the quality of carpet square you decide to go with.

This is a great alternative to installing wall to wall carpet for the first time in your home. Rather than adhere your carpet tile directly to the sub-flooring actually glue it together by the sides of the individual tiles.

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