4 Feline Friendly Flooring Options, Now Say It 5 Times Fast!

Today’s blog is all about making our Feline familiars happy, with the right flooring of course. Animals are often not taken into consideration when it comes to choosing a flooring option that will work for your families’ day to day activities. Cat’s definitely have a few needs when it comes to your floor. Before attacking that room with any flooring you see fit, use this blog as a guide to a happy kitty!


Hardwood Flooring

The great thing about hardwood flooring is that is very durable. Durability translates to less scratching where you cat companion is concerned. Many of the hardwood options on today’s marked offer incredibly sound finishes that remove almost 99% of cat related damage to your flooring. Your worries will mainly lie in keeping water bowls from spilling and stopping litter from being strewn across the flooring. Litter has potential to be abrasive, so watch your step! If you are a cat owner, you have more than likely dealt with an “accident” before. If one does happen, clean it up immediately. Urine has a way of seeping into your beloved hardwood and staying their a long time!


Laminate Flooring

Yet another durable flooring for your Crazy Kitten! Expect the same finish protection as hardwood flooring. If you really want to impress your cat go with a textured laminate flooring. This gives them the grip that they need for the right traction. Why is traction important you ask? Well, have you ever seen a cat crash into the wall at high speed? I have, and it isn’t pretty lol. Protect them when they play with textured surfaces.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

While it looks like ceramic or hard-surface flooring, don’t be fooled. Vinyl tile is far more ergonomic for you and your kitties feet than a traditional hard tile. Durable and comfortable it captures stunningly realistic visuals without the worry of cracking. The surface of this tile is actually softer and warmer to the touch, making cats comfy. These are also highly resistant to foot traffic and standing water. Making this a viable option for both feline and human family members.

Luxury Vinyl Plank

You really can’t get an easier installation than Vinyl Plank offers. It is mainly designed to look like hardwood flooring, but it is far more water friendly than the real thing. It is also cozy and comfortable like the luxury vinyl tile.

No matter what the budget, you have the option to please your agile fuzzball. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, Until Next Time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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