3 Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tile Reviews From Consumers! Updated for 2017

Karndean Flooring Reviews

We first published this post back in 2013 but it proved to be so popular we have given it an update!

Karndean Flooring Problems

We found that many people were specifically looking for Karndean flooring problems which is understandable before you buy. That’s why we published these Karndean flooring reviews so that you had the chance to read what other people thought about this product.

We all love reviews, especially those that come straight from the horses mouth, consumers like us. So I decided to jump on the review wagon once more and bring you some product reviews. I made sure to take the time to find reviews from consumers who have actually had Karndean luxury vinyl tile, installed and have lived with it for a few to many years.

I could go on and on about how much I love this flooring option, but I think its much more riveting to hear it from the average homeowner, names are anonymous so they are just numbered and random:

Karndean Luxury Vinyl Tile Reviews

1.     We had Karndean in the breakfast area of the kitchen in our last house.

It looked fantastic, was easy to clean and was warm underfoot. It was quite expensive but I’d definitely have it again. I also thought it wasn’t as noisy as laminate – the strips are flexible before they are laid and I think that they don’t bounce the sound around in the same way that laminate does IYSWIM. Karndean was recommended by a friend who had it installed in her kitchen, hallway and playroom – she had builders going through with wheelbarrows etc to do work on her garden as this was the only access and the floor still looked fab (after a good clean!).

2.     Karndean flooring is a vinyl flooring which makes a quality alternative to the laminate flooring and real wood flooring more commonly found.

Once laid the flooring shares the aesthetically pleasing look of a real wooden floor but has the more hard wearing advantage of a good laminate floor. For this reason the product has widespread commercial use and can be seen in shopping centers, etc. where it needs to withstand extreme levels of use.

Karndean does offer different ranges, including the Hand-Crafted Wood Collection. Within this range, I decided on a Hickory Peppercorn which looks great. Unlike laminate flooring, the planks are not interlocked but are thin and flexible and stuck directly onto a concrete floor. The advantage of this is that the floor is extremely level and neat however, it does mean that the floor needs to be prepared first,. This is done by laying a leveling screed which needs to be left to dry out, in my case, overnight.

Due to the process involved in laying the floor, I would not recommend fitting this floor yourself unless you have the relevant qualifications. It also means making sure your floor is suitable before purchasing this product. The floor needs to be checked for dampness and the leveling screed means there may be complications with skirting boards or fireplaces for example. In my case the floor is laid up to the walls and sides of the room and this works very well.

The floor itself is quite expensive, equivalent to similar products in real wood but slightly less that products offered by Amtico which seems to be the main competitor offering a similar product for household use. What makes the floor a lot more expensive though is the cost of fitting due to the floor screeding which is a necessity. It seemed to double the cost of flooring my living room!

So far the floor has been excellent, easy to clean and no evidence of any scratching or marking that cannot be cleaned simply with a cloth. For maintenance, I use Nova Care anti-static floor maintainer, which was recommended by the fitter. This should be applied approximately once a month and seems to do a good job.

Overall, I paid more than I had hoped for this product but it’s expected long life makes it a great investment and one which I would recommend.

3.     We had our kitchen floor done with a higher end Karndean in July 2010.

Visitors always mistake it for real wood or at least laminate. It still looks beautiful and is very easy to maintain. I finally got around to applying Dim Glo which is supposed to be a protective finish. I followed the directions and gave it two coats, but it did result in some hard to detect (but I can find them) smears, which I will have to eventually use their included stripper product to get off. They no longer make Dim Glo, which I am sorry I used. Overall we are very satisfied with our residential Karndean. I saw the installation which was done by professionals who used a heavy roller to set it in right. It is not a DIY product!


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100 Responses

  1. Grace says:

    Thank you SO much for posting the reviews. I’m very interested in the Karndean Art/Select Hickory Peppercorn for my kitchen/eating/family/laundry/pantry/hallway area (Large!) because 1) it looks very real in the sample (wood realistic), 2)matches the color exactly of my existing dining/foyer that has real hickory stained a peppercorn shade, and probably most important, 3)would go over the existing tile I have throughout. Yes, price tag high but long term maintenance and durability seem worth it. Yes, it would butt up against the real wood but in two very small spots — 2 doorway areas that are 30 inches wide. I have one dog and 2 kids and lean towards this because of water in the kitchen — not a little but a disaster where the pipes break or something weird like that. My mindset is worried about real wood in the kitchen area. But using real wood or tile means taking up the existing flooring which would mean a longer time out of the house during construction. My key question is that in person does the flooring look fake like laminate? One review mentioned it fooled most people but will it? Also, when walked on, is it like walking on the old linoleum floors of the 70’s? I want comfort but don’t want the feel of it to give it away. Big investment for me thus the concerns. thanks!

    • Tommie Blount says:

      Hi Grace,
      Thanks so much for your questions. I’m pleased to hear that you’re considering Karndean as an alternative to hardwood flooring in your kitchen. I took your questions to heart and went on an investigation into our show room myself. We had several types of Karndean Vinyl including Loose Lay installed a few months ago. So, I put myself in your shoes and tested out each question and concern.

      My key question is that in person does the flooring look fake like laminate? One review mentioned it fooled most people but will it? One review mentioned it fooled most people but will it?

      First and foremost, to me, you can tell it is not laminate, but actually much more believable than laminate compared to hardwood. I’m 5’9″, and from my standpoint looking down and at several different angles I noticed that there is far more detail put into giving these the look and feel of real hardwood and stone, than that of laminate. For example, the vinyl planks are molded in such a way that they almost appear to have beveled edges. The textures on each type of planks and tiles were far superior than the majority of laminate that I have seen. It will not however, fool the majority of people, but definitely some.

      Also, when walked on, is it like walking on the old linoleum floors of the 70′s? I want comfort but don’t want the feel of it to give it away.

      This one was fun to test! I stomped, ran and jumped. I also got down to bare feet for a comfort test. The great thing about our show room is that next to our Karndean Floor installation we have Hardwood beside it. This is not your Grandmother’s Linoleum! It felt exactly like the hardwood beside it, although the wood actually gave more during the jump test! Very surprising, however it makes since because it is a flat installation method. Karndean is either Adhered or Layed Flat Loosely to the Flooring, So from that stand point it has less give. As far as the actual material, it was just as solid and dense as the hardwood flooring, not giving in to your footsteps!

      On a second note, the barefoot test actually proved that karndean was more warming temperature than the hardwood flooring was. 🙂

      I hope this Helped Grace, If you have anymore questions please do not hesitate to ask!

      Thank You

  2. Steve says:


    The retailer we went to suggested Karndean as a floor alternative. Apparently it is “from” the UK. I have noticed a blog however where a guy claims that it is manufactured in “China / Taiwan” Can you verify where Karndean is manufactured, please? Thanks.

    • Tommie Blount says:

      Hi Steve,
      I found the blog you were referring to on e-zines and I am waiting to hear back from Karndean USA Corporate Headquarters for confirmation. As soon as I get the official word on the matter, I will post immediately. Our Karndean Specialist believes that this is accurate, but it never hurts to confirm. Thanks for the Great Question! Will get back to you as soon as possible!

  3. jeff says:

    Karndean is an importer, and definitely is manufactured in Asia, which takes nothing away from the quality of the product, as china and Taiwan are a source of top quality vinyl planks. It is important to look at the specs eg wear layer, and sources for sources for the composition of the vinyl. Recycled vinyl can often have a high % of components that add to the voc’s. Most companies, big or small, are large importers from Asia, so it is important to know that the factory is a top manufacturer.

  4. sharon says:

    We ar very interested in the Knight tile for the checkered look. In the Carpet store the sample looks great, when I purchased the Tile they look very flimsey. I was told to put them on Luan, but that seems to be so thin, do you suggest a different sub floor, and could you give us any pointers with the instalation and adhesive to use as we have never done this before..

  5. sharon says:

    Thank you Tommie.

    • Your very welcome Sharon! If you run into any other questions during your installation, just ask and I will do my best to get you the “correct” answers. Hope it turns out Wonderfully!

  6. Wayne Block says:

    Your review posts are very informative, Tommie. Do you have any reviews to share for commercial installations? I’m on a committee in a Senior community where we want to apply the Karndean Loose Lay Flooring. The application will be in a multipurpose, 2,500 sq ft room. We wanted to talk with someone who has had a similar floor installed, and learn of their experiences. Two messages to the Karndean representative (Steve Huth) via their website have gone unanswered. I questioned if they have sold any in the US. Before spending over $20,000, we wanted to be sure of the investment.
    One of our concerns is the use of a portable, multiple size stage that we move between 2 locations. Our question: will the stage feet and stairs feet leave indentations in the flooring. Communicating with Mr. Steve Huth via their website was of little help, He suggested placing a piece of plywood beneath the stage legs. Totally unacceptable. We have obtained some flooring samples, and tested them beneath the legs of the stage an]d stairs. After a week, there is no sign of any indentation. We will continue the test for a longer period.

    • Hi Wayne, thank you for your questions and I’m glad you found the blog somewhat helpful! I’m working on getting some answers to your questions, One of our sales reps is very fluent in Karndean and I want to give you the best information possible for such a big purchase. So as soon as I get a response from him, I’ll pass it along. Please check back by the end of the day and I will have your answers for you. Take care!

    • Kristin O says:

      I’m looking for the Tommie Blount reply to this one by Wayne on Aug 5. I am considering Karndean Loose Lay for our church Fellowship Hall/Adult Day Care facility – we have lots of chairs moving and traffic, wondering about ‘pop-up’ of edges of the tiles. Any info would be appreciated.

      • Hi Kristin,
        I responded to Wayne, but I also have a specific answer for you 🙂 I would like to emphasize that the sub-flooring be completely flat and level if you are going with a loose-lay product from Karndean. It would never pop up at the edges if on a level and flat foundation. Now if your sub floor will not be level, Karndean has a lot of the same style with an adhesive option. This will assure no pop ups!

        All and all, if its level and flat its a perfect option, if not and cannot be made level, it would behoove you to find an adhesive based option.

        I hope everything goes well Kristin!
        Thanks for your Question and I would love to hear about what you decided to go with!


    • Hi Wayne, I’m still working on your question, in the mean time, how is the testing on the samples going?

      • Wayne Block says:

        Tommie – no indentations in flooring from stair legs or stage legs! But, now we’re evaluating if we can defer the expense for a couple of years.


    • So I just got a response to your Question! Walmart actually uses Karndean for their retail stores. It will definitely support a stage, but only under certain conditions. If the stage has rollers on the legs it will be in good shape, if the stage legs come to a point and does not have rollers, you are dealing with a lot of PSI. No matter what the flooring you go with, and I mean any flooring, you are recommended to use felt pads on the legs if they are not locking wheels. This remedies the extreme pressure that you get from a large amount of weight being put on a small point. Plywood is a bit extreme, but felted pads or locking wheels would do the trick. We have also had very positive feedback from retailers like Cabela’s about commercial installation they haven’t had any issues!

      Karndean Loose-Lay is a great option for this setting, but only if the flooring is level and even. Keep that in mind!

      I hope this helps!
      If you have anymore question please feel free to message or call Lee Mathis our Karndean Specialist at

      • Wayne Block says:

        Thanks for the additional information, Tommie. Do ALL Walmart store use Karndean loose lay? I’ll check our local stores in Orange County, CA. Our stage does not have rollers; but, neither do they have pointed legs. They have a flat disc, about 3″ DIA; but, i should measure them. The contact information for Lee Mathis did not get printed. I’m not familiar with Cabela’s.

        • Hi Wayne, I’m sure not all, but the majority of the Walmart Retail Stores do, they then add a wax on them to make them very shiny. Sorry Lee’s Information was cut off, If you would like to contact him to ask more questions Call us at 1-800-510-0655 and just ask the receptionist to connect you to Lee Mathis. A 3″ Diameter sounds completely fine and I’m glad to hear that the samples held well! Have a great day Wayne and keep us in the loop 🙂

  7. MeganElizabeth says:

    Hi Tommie!
    I came across your blog about Karndean Midnight Oak. I’ve gone round and round trying to find a new flooring for my Cap Cod Home. I have dogs and kids and a mudroom! My 1st floor all needs to be the same. I feel bad saying that the old owner had vinyl sheeting in the kitchen and it was a breeze to clean up!! 😉 Crazy but I love it! Anyway, I came across this product and I would love to install it on my entire 1st floor and use huge area rugs on to top for the big rooms. Its prittier and the perfect color!! Im really picky too! Am I crazy?! Any thoughts??? Or insight on the product

    • Hi Megan, I’m so glad you found the blog. Karndean is a great option for flooring an entire home and the maintenance is a breeze. I’m not sure if you were speaking of the residential or commercial Midnight Oak, but both are great options. We actually have some Karndean installed in our show room and it has looked wonderful since installation. Area rugs will be an excellent addition to any floor but carpet. On a personal note, the dark wide planks look incredible, wide darks are very in right now! I have also walked around on our karndean flooring without shoes and it felt nothing like vinyl, I couldn’t tell a difference in the feel of the flooring when I compared it to some hardwood we installed beside it, other than it was slightly more comfortable to walk on. If you are seriously looking, check out our product page and give us a call to check stock. We have great prices on this particular floor, and when we ship out of the state of georgia, it is tax free for you 😉 http://www.georgiacarpet.com/products/karndean-art-select-oak-premier-hc06-midnight-oak-vinyl-plank-6-x-36.html

      Have a great Day Megan and I hope this helped!

      • MeganElizabeth says:

        Hi Tommie
        Thanks for getting back to me. What is the difference between the residential grade and the commercial grade? Since this house is on the higher end of things I want to do it right. I’m definitely going out on a limb, if I try this ;( its not a money issue its actually an ease of cleaning issue and it actually looks great! The entire house should be hard wood. How do you think I’d find a qualified installer to put it in. You seemed to think that Its a very specific install? How would I weed out the good from the bad guys? One last question….
        what happends if one of the strips gets damaged?
        Okay thats it for now!! Thanks so much!

    • Joan says:

      MeganElizabeth: Did you end up purchasing Karndean Luxury Vinyl? If so, what kind of rugs did you use? I was told you couldn’t put area rugs on Karndean Vinyl, it would discolor. I have loose-lay oak Karndean and would love to put a rubber-backed area rug in the kitchen. I had some very nice, expensive vinyl sheeting (not Karndean) before and a rubber-backed rug turned in from ivory to gold. I also loved it, so easy to clean.

      • lee says:

        Some times you do have some discolorations with some floors, especially wood. it is because of the uv-lighting. I am listing a phone number and email that you can reply to Karndean direct. They maybe able to recommend a padding or a solution to your inquiry.

        For more information, please call our helpful Customer Service Team at (888) 266-4343 or email info@karndean.com

        Please let me know if I can assist you in any way.


        Lee Mathis

  8. MeganElizabeth says:

    Oops! Sorry for the misspelling!!

  9. Hi Megan,

    Sorry for replying to this comment, I couldn’t reply to your last one for some reason. But to answer your questions…

    The commercial grade is made for high traffic under daily use. Putting in the home would be fine and far superior in scratch and wear resistance. Many people do this. The LVT’s are far superior to any vinyl product. Moisture is something you won’t have to be concerned with. It’s easier to clean and maintain. It is extremely hard to do damage. Here’s the kicker, if you did damage it and needed to replace it, It would be the easiest repair you will ever have. We have sold these products for million dollar condo’s as well as million dollar homes and businesses, without complaint.

    As far as an installer, ask for references and make sure that they are familiar with the Karndean line. Ask if they are insured and bonded, also if they guarantee their work. This is an indication of a great installation company as most of the better ones guarantee their work. The installers that follow these guide lines may not be the cheapest, but it is definitely the best way to get the job done right. I hope this helps!

    If you would like to discuss it in further detail, Please call our number at 1-800-510-0655 and ask for Lee Mathis. He is our go to guy on Karndean Flooring, He loves it and knows just almost everything about it. Let me know if you need anymore help Megan, we are happy to help!

  10. Gail says:

    My family have just had a 82 square meters of loose lay replaced twice, but still faulty. They are very disappointed with this product.

    • Hi Gail, I’m very sorry to hear this, could you be more specific as to what is faulty about the product? Sometimes products are defective or from a bad lot. Could you tell they purchased from a reputable retailer? Some more information on the issues with it would give me a better understanding of your frustration.

      Thanks Gail, I look forward to your response!

  11. andrew says:

    Tommie, thank you for all your honest and helpful information on this blog.
    Recently I’ve been comparing different LVT brands and I am interested in only the very best LVT available. Cost is not an issue. I’ve brought many samples home and tested them myself (scratching with a screwdriver, applying various detergents, testing under a hear lamp, etc.). Only three brands withstood my vigorous testing: Karndean, Inspira and Evoke (although Mannington’s Adura looked the best, it was too easy to scratch, so it did not make the top 3). The Evoke brand is marketed as a sort of rare specialty, and is almost twice as expensive as Karndean’s loose lay.
    My concern now is that I cannot find even a single online review for the Inspira and Evoke brands. Some of the most reputable flooring retailers offer the Evoke brand, but strangely, not a single review posted.
    Would you by any chance know anything about the Inspira and Evoke brands, particularly their long-term performance?

    • Hi Andrew, thanks for inquiring about other LVT Reviews, unfortunately I’m also having trouble locating any type of reviews. I’m sure you have found their homepages online but if you haven’t here they are:
      Evoke: http://evokeflooring.com/
      Inspira: http://www.inspirafloors.com/

      About Inspira, I know that they go with the big box stores for distribution, ie. home depot, lowes, etc. This means that they mark up the price a lot as they have to meet certain price points to be allowed to be sold in the stores. To make it simple you will be paying roughly twice as much as the floor is worth when speaking from a quality standpoint.

      Evoke looks like a great product, however it is mainly west coast as far as distribution goes, as well as eastern Cananda, and they have no distributors in my state or my surrounding states. Evoke is the lvt product of the Metropolitan Hardwood Floors company. Which explains the added cost and quality.

      It is hard to say about each companies overall performance, but I did notice the 50 year residential warranty that comes with Inspira. Warranties on the Evoke side of the spectrum are limited lifetime warranties.

      Please let me know what you decide to go with, and I’m sorry I couldn’t help you with them further. I think that it would be a good idea, to contact local retailers in your are to find out a bit more about them. Generally you will get honest answers. We are just not familiar with the two brands. Good Luck Andrew!

    • Jay Chilson says:

      Hi Andrew, I am also interested in the Inspira LVT product. Just curious if you had any updates on this posting, whether you made a purchase yet and how you felt. Thanks!

  12. Danie says:

    Hi Tommie, we recently had a water pipe burst while away in holiday. Everything flooded and all our laminate flooring needs to be replaced. I came across the LooseLay wood option and we like the Burnt Ginger. We are from Australia and was wondering the Burnt Ginger wood is available everywhere? Is it a range that will be ended soon?
    Also is it completely waterproof, don’t want to go through all this pain again?

    • Hi Danie,
      I’m sorry to hear about the water pipe mishap. Laminate does swell and become irreversibly damaged when submerged in water for a period of time. Karndean loose-lay however, will not change if it is flooded. While it will not protect the sub-flooring from water damage, all you would have to do in the case of a flood is pick it up, dry it and place it back. Water won’t affect it at all! The Burnt Ginger is a beautiful range, although I’m not sure of the specifics of Australia, in the US we have the burnt ginger available, and there are no signs of the color being discontinued as it is a very popular option. After researching the Australian Karndean Site: http://www.karndean.com/en-au/floors I did find several loose-lays available that come in the burnt ginger colour. I hope this helps Danie, and good luck!

  13. Anthony says:

    Thanks for doing this blog. We are considering the loose lay karndean floors to replace the tile in our kitchen and the wood floors we have in the rest of downstairs. We really like the easy install potential of the loose lay, how thick it is, and how it feels under your feet. We aren’t excited about having to rip out the tile and wood and leveling the slab but understand it will just be part of the process for it to be done right.

    We were told that Karndean was potentially coming out with more styles in the future? Have you heard this? We like the copper gum because it most matches our wood floors we currently have, but would probbaly wait to remodel to see the new styles and choices. It appears they only have six ‘wood floor plank’ styles right now.

    Finally, do you have any pics of alternate patterns of laying the “loose lay” other than straight? We have a friend who has wood plank ceramic tiles that are in a herringbone pattern we might attempt to copy with the loose lay. We like the fact that we wouldn’t have to worry about the grout with the loose lay. The loose lay planks come so large that I wonder if cutting each one down to a 6 inch by 24 inch pattern is worth the hassle since I might be doing this myself.

  14. Hi Anthony, I hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long for a response, but I think you will be happy with the information I attained. As I understand, there will more than likely be some new styles available around the Vegas Market, which is scheduled somewhere around the end of January 2014. The thickness is 4.5mm of Karndean Loose-lay, which is a great thing because you can design just about anything you want. If you want to mix the planks with the tiles, they will always be the same height/thickness. This eliminates an uneven floor that could lead to trips and materials popping up. I would not recommend cutting the width down though, as the width was designed to ensure that the product would stay down as expected.

    I hope this helps Anthony, If you have any further questions or concerns about Karndean Loose-Lay or Karndean products in general, please call our number at 1-800-510-0655 and ask for Lee Mathis, he has been kind enough to answer questions like this for me on a several occasions. He’s Kind of a Specialist on the Matter 🙂

    Take Care Anthony and Thanks for Your Questions!

  15. Anthony says:

    Thanks for the quick reply and I look forward to seeing any new styles. Have you heard of another loose lay manufacturer called Supreme Elite Freedom? I ran across a website that has multiple styles that seem to be under the same heading of ‘loose lay’. Curious how they may compare to Karndean. It appears their planks are not as wide, but the video on the site claims it lays down without glue like the Karndean loose lay does.

    • Hi Anthony, sorry it has taken me a bit to research this. I’m not familiar with Supreme Elite Freedom, so I had to do a little book work on it. From what I gather it is basically the same product as Karndean, however it lacks a lot of the polished characteristics. The styles and textures are okay, but are definitely not of the same quality of Karndean Loose-Lay. It looks less like the real thing in other words. It does install just like Karndean. I would be curious to see how it wouldn’t pop up, being so thin in width. Also, Supreme Elite Freedom does say that it is 100% waterproof, and this is probably true however, water can easily penetrate the seems as they are visible in the videos I have found, so it can still get to your subflooring. I hope this helps Anthony!

  16. Suellen says:

    Hello, we have ordered Karndean Knight tiles which butt up to our laundry, bathroom and toilet which are currently being tiled with ceramic tiles. However, we now find that the Karnean tiles will be so far below the height of the ceramic tiling that it is now a trip hazard. The ceramic tiling will be an inch above the Karndean. Our store has refused to cancel the order and can’t offer a solution. Is there some sort of metal joiner that would somehow join the 2 floorings or do we just have to live with it and hate everytime we trip up? The Karnean has not been laid and is not scheduled for another 3 weeks however the store went ahead and ordered and we are not happy that there is such a big difference in heights that we were not told about. Your thoughts.

    • Hi Suellen, I’m sorry about this unfortunate mishap, it seems as though your installer, buyer or designer may not have thought it through entirely. Before we begin on finding a solution, could you tell me a little more about the difference in thickness,(measurements would help.) Also, what type of subflooring are you fitting the Karndean tile on, is it concrete, plywood, or even existing flooring? And the final question is your tile Karndean loose-lay or adhesive installation?
      Try to get this information for me and I may be able to come up with a viable solution to help with the dramatic difference.
      Thanks Suellen, I look forward to helping you to the best of my ability!

  17. Suellen says:

    Hello Tommie, thanks for the reply. It’s a new house slab on concrete floor and Kandean is loose-lay. The difference in height leading from the rumpus to the laundry and bathroom is 27mm or just over the 1″. This is a problem that is happening with the differences in product medium but not a lot is said about it or people are just taking it for granted that it’s a large step. I have spoken to the tiler and he said that perhaps the step from the rumpus could be slightly raised with a concrete edge to take out the sharpness of the rise as he is finding now that he is doing jobs for disabled people in the same situation with walking frames and wheelchairs. The good news from our point of view is that the retailer has negotiated with the supplier to return the tiles and we have had to continue the timber flooring through – more expense but a better outlook. There is still a slight difference in heights but nothing as large as previous. You are right in saying that the shop we bought from should be aware of selling a product, especially with a new house, knowing that there will be a big difference in heights. He had the plans but really, it is still ‘buyer beware’. There is just so much going on in the building of a house that a few things go under the radar and hopefully it’s a win/win in the end. However, I’d like to hear from you just the same to see if this problem could be resolved for other people in this position.

    • Hi Suellen, I’m so happy that your retailer is working with you on the return, I agree that this is something that should be spoken of during the process of choosing a floor. The thickness of a floor really does matter, especially when it comes to matching up with another floor option during installation. This is often a case of not being informed by your sales specialist, or the specialist simply not taking the installation of the product into consideration.
      Your installer’s suggestion of a ramp/grade concrete edge was a great suggestion, and finding out that it is on concrete slab, that is really the only option you had to dampen the edge to the tile.
      Had it been on a wood sub-floor, it could have been offset with some plywood over the sub-flooring to even the gap in level. I’m happy that you are getting timber throughout, it is an excellent choice in the long run and I have a feeling you will be very pleased with the outcome!
      Thank you for sharing and bringing this to everyone’s attention Suellen, including my own, and much luck to you in your ongoing renovations!

  18. I am looking at putting the loose lay planks in a basement that has experienced minor water issues over the past 15 years…all to do with a sump pump failure. I’m concerned about two things if someone could address them: 1) I doubt any basement floor is made completely even and level…should I be looking at another product or can this product handle minor imperfections? 2) we have a pool table in the basement which is very heavy. Would we up have an issue with either the heavy feet on the pool table sinking into the vinyl and/or causing that plank to possibly pop up a fraction because of the weight? Thanks.

    • Hi Ilene, sorry for the belated response. The Loose Lay tiles and planks would be an excellent choice. It will contour to most floors. It is forgiving with minor imperfections in the floor. However, if there are major divots you would want to use embossing leveler to smooth those areas out. I would use some of the plastic coasters under the legs, just as a preventative measure. It should be just fine with a pool table. I hope this helps. And good Luck on your Basement Renovations!

  19. Nancy Jo says:

    Hi Tommie. We are trying to convert an older lake “house” into a cabin look, and are trying to decide between Karndean vintage pine, or “real” wood. Have 3 labs and are so tempted to go with what is more practical, but so gun shy about being “fake”. Help! REALLY want it to look like an authentic, rustic cabin, and if we go for it, don’t want to be faking it or apologizing. Need to be up front – it is what it is – in it’s own right!

    • Hi Nancy Jo, I would go with Karndean for a few reasons.
      One – it won’t scratch as easily with their claws.
      Two – if they have an accident you can just mop it up, no harm to the floor.
      Three – you will not have to worry about moisture issues at all.
      Four – the look that these Karndean planks as far as a Realistic Wood Replica are the best in the industry, you will not get a closer match to the real deal. When you see these products in a large area, people don’t realize it isn’t real wood. It looks amazing. We have it in our show room in the hardwood section installed, most customers assume it is a hardwood floor.
      Five – this is the lowest maintenance product you will ever own. All you have to do is sweep and mop occasionally. That’s it! It’s extremely durable and rugged and it will hold up to just about any pet you would want in your house. Really what it boils down to is your decision, I’d say go with what your gut tells you. I hope this helps, and thanks for your question. I’d love to hear about how it turns out 🙂

  20. Joan says:

    We’ve had about 800 sq ft of Karndean loose lay in our kitchen, dining room, TV room and hallway for about 2 months now. I love it. We replaced old ceramic tile, laminate and carpet with Karndean. Yes, it was pricy but during the holidays we had a house full, including a 2-year-old and 2 dogs, and I can’t find one scratch on it, it’s so easy to care for and looks great!

  21. Kathryn Diamond says:

    Please advise of toxicity level of Karndean flooring. I am planning to put the Senaca Cherry RL06 throughout my first floor. Thanks.

  22. Joan says:

    Kathryn Diamond: I love my Karndean Vinyl planks! I don’t know anything about the toxicity level, but be prepared for a strong smell for about a week!

  23. Kathryn Diamond says:

    Tommie/Joan-thanks for the information.

    • Hi Kathryn, So they will fax you the information directly from Karndean, Just call this number 888-266-4343 and give them the style and color and they will fax the entire toxicity report. There is no wait just choose customer rep, I got a rep in less than 20 Secs. I hope this answers your question Kathryn, please share any results, thanks!

  24. Kathryn Diamond says:

    Thanks, Tommie. They did e-mail me the report.

  25. Jay Chilson says:

    Hi Tommie, was just reading through this thread and wanted to see if you had any updates on the Inspira LVT products? Reviews on it are still scarce online and I have been impressed with what I’ve seen in the stores, but wanted another opinion. I will be installing over concrete in my kitchen. My main concern is how flat it will lay. I know this depends alot on how flat my concrete is but I don’t want to make this big purchase and still have areas that are not flat to the surface and will give me that “clunk” when I step on it. Thanks for letting me know if you have any opinion on this product.

    • Lee Mathis says:

      If you have un-level concrete, you would need to use a leveling compound to fill in the low areas to make it less noticeable. These products can be purchased at your local home improvement stores. Just ask for embossing levelers.

      I do not have information at this time on the Inspira. I have heard about this product, but I have not actually seen it. If you need any information on it I can do some research on it and get back with you. From all of the experts in the industry and with my expirerence in the industry, Karndean is the best quality and the more realistic looks available.

      Please feel free to contact me with any other questions that you may have.

      Lee Mathis


      Direct Line 706-712-5489

  26. Vince Ceralde says:

    Hi Tommie,

    We were wondering about the edges of the Kardean planks. Do they ever curl up and what is the residential warranty for the product?



    • Lee Mathis says:

      Hi Vince,

      This is Lee Mathis. I handle all of the Karndean products. I have been selling these products for 11 years and I have never had one to curl up. If you use the recommended adhesives and follow basic instructions you will not have any issues. Warranties will range from 12 years to Lifetime depending on the product you select. If you have any other questions or need samples please contact and I would be happy to assist you with it.

      Thank you for this opportunity and we look forward to working with you.

  27. Vince Ceralde says:

    Hi Lee,

    Thank you for your prompt response. The Karndean product I was inquiring about is the loose lay vinyl planks. I didn’t indicate that in my original question. Have you experienced any edge curling with that product and what is the residential warranty for the loose lay Karndean product? Thanks again for your help.


  28. Lee Mathis says:

    Hi Vince,

    The Loose Lay products carries a Limited Lifetime Warranty. I have not seen any edge curling with this or any Karndean product. Let me know if you need anything else.



  29. These tiles are beautiful and a great alternative to actual wood planks. Looks like the maintenance and cleaning is easier too.

  30. Linda Feiges says:

    We just purchased an entire house full f opius W516 and an inlay in the foyer. In the showroom e could see some grain and it had a shine ! Now that it is installed in our home, there is NO SHINE, it looks very dull and drab, and the color even looks darker. What will Karndean do for us ? Is there a permanant product that we can apply that will give it a shine ????

    410-356-2789 I also wanted to mention that our home has a lot of natural light and we have other lighting as well, and still NO SHINE. This floor actually looks cheap, and we spent a whole lot of money. We are VERY upset. Hope to hear from you real soon.

    • I’m not sure where you bought this, but they should have told you about these products. Sometimes they may have a film for shipping purchases, even if they don’t the Basic Stripper gives it a deep cleansing and takes of excess adhesive that is on after installation. Then, once you have cleaned it with the stripper, then apply the Refresher. It puts a protective shield and may put a little bit of a shine to it. They also have a Routine Cleaner I highly recommend for regular cleaning. I personally have had Karndean down in my house of over 9 years. We love the floor. I have been selling Karndean of about 12 years and have never had a complaint. I have been in the flooring business for over 30 years and I don’t know of a better product than this. Not sure, but whoever installed it, did they use something to clean it with? And if so, what? Depending on if they used the right product to clean it with, it may have something to do with the look of the floor. I will say most of the floors do not have a very glossy look. It may vary between styles and colors. Let me know if you have any additional information.

      Lee Mathis
      Georgia Carpet Industries

  31. Noanie says:

    Hello Lee,

    I had Karndean installed in my master bath remodel last fall. I love it and am considering installing it in my kitchen/breakfast/laundry area. It will be expensive, so I want to be sure I’m making the right decision!

    My greatest concern in the kitchen is resistance to cuts and/or dings from dropped items such as cans or knives. I cook a lot, and something is always hitting the floor! Also, we have heavy barstools that are constantly being scraped over the floor. We DO have felt on the bottom of the legs, but sometimes the felt wears down or comes off without us realizing it. Of course the concern in the laundry area is the occasional need to pull the washer & dryer out and the consequences of this action on the Karndean product.

    Given these concerns, do you have experience with Karndean under these conditions?


    • Claudette Hefner says:


      Karndean, like any other flooring surface, would be subject to dings, nicks, scratches and gouges. There is no warranty offered on these types of damages. The degree of damage inflicted by cans or knives would depend on the weight and or the sharpness of the objects. Small damage areas can usually be made a lot better with the use of the Floor Care Kit. Bar stools can definitely mar and scratch Karndean just like wood, vinyl or even concrete. It would be imperative to make sure felt pads are on them. When moving appliances, you would be very likely to damage the floors. There are items that can be purchased to assist in moving appliances to minimize the risk of damage. There is also a technical services number for Karndean 724-387-6500. You may feel free to contact them with any questions that you may have.

      The important thing to know is that any flooring is subject to damages. One must exercise due caution with any hard surface flooring.

      If I may be of any further assistance, please feel free to email me claudettehefner@georgiacarpet.com or call me at my direct number 888-590-8851.

      Thank You
      Claudette Hefner
      Senior Sales Consultant
      Georgia Carpet Industries Inc.

  32. Laura Rust says:

    After my installer installed my kitchen floor using Karndean flooring he wiped the floor up with a rag leaving behind streaks. I have used Easy prep floor stripper by Karndean. It did not remove the marks. Then I applied Refresh by Karndean. The marks are still there. Any advise?????

  33. Lee Mathis says:

    What kind of marks are we talking about?

  34. Darlene says:

    I am having a 3 season porch added to my home. I am lookin at various options including porcelain tile. I’m not interested in carpet for the flooring. My contractor suggested Karndean flooring. My question; is Karndean floor a good choice for Michigan 4 season weather. The room will be screened and have glass window but no heat during fall and window. I need to make a decision soon. Thank you.

  35. Dee Holbrook says:

    I am researching a replacement floor for my kitchen and possibly the rest of the house which has original hardwoods from 1957. I am looking for an authentic hardwood-look flooring that will hold up to multiple dogs and children. The kitchen has two floors including the original asbestos lineoleum. The retailer-installer had mentioned laying Luan on top of the two floors to encapsulate the asbestos. Questions: 1) is loose lay a preferable option over two vinyl/lineoleum floors in a kitchen: 2) or should I look at one of the other options from Karndean? 3) Is the Knight option under Karndean inferior to the other options? I have read online about issues with the Knight tile/planks such as scuffing.

    Thank you. Dee

  36. sunny01reno says:

    Hi, This is a good post, indeed a great job.. You must have done good research for the work, i appreciate your efforts.. Looking for more updates from your side.

  37. Ck says:

    Can karndean be installed over indoor/outdoor carpet?

  38. Nicole says:

    I have recently been introduced to Karndean luxury vinyl. What I am curious about most is how this floor feels. I work in an auto body shop with concrete floors and over the years, my back and feet have taken a beating. I need something to help lessen the blow on my joints. Are there any customers who have had positive results with luxury vinyl for back and/or joint pain?

    • Lee Mathis says:

      Yeah my wife and myself. I put the Loose Lay tiles in both of our bathrooms. My wife is a nurse and stands on that old VCT tile. she said it feels so much better to stand on our floor at home than on that old VCT. She and I both have knee problems and I have real bad issues with my back. I know for a fact, this floor can make a difference.

  39. Jean says:

    I am going with the Karndean Colorado Loose Lay on our main floor in our new house. My question is – will it hold up to a heavy table we are going to put in the dining room area? Heavy – as in a steel base and a thin concrete top. With the sample I got, I tried to do some serious damage to it and I wasn’t able to! I tried to scratch or score it with a sharp knife and I couldnt. I jabbed it and it didn’t leave a mark. The stuff is incredible! They are actually installing it now in our new house and it looks incredible! I was just wondering about putting that heavy table in it. I of course will put some heavy duty pads under the legs.

  40. Irene says:

    Hi Lee,
    I am looking to put Karndean Looselay on a 2nd & 3rd floor, replacing existing carpeting. My concern is sound between the floors. The underfloor is plywood and I am concerned that without a thick pad, I will be able to hear through the floors (as I do now w/a thin pad and berber carpet). Can a pad of some sort be put down over the plywood before the Kardean to dampen the noise? Thanks

  41. Lee Mathis says:

    Hi Irene,

    The Loose Lay style has a very dense and sound absorption composite. You would not need a pad under this. They do not make an underlayment pad for it any way. I have it in my own home. It is much quieter than other products that I have had in the past. My wife loves the easy maintenance of this flooring. I think you would be very happy with this floor.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Lee Mathis

  42. Diane says:

    Hi Lee,
    I am considering using the karndean art select Hickory Peppercorn in my below grade living areas. I want a wood look that matches the wood floors I have on my main level. Will the concrete have to have a skim coat and if so, how much can that add to the cost per square foot? Is this a low VOC vinyl? Also, is this an inlaid vinyl with a urethane top coat? I need something that can take a beating and last for years.

    • Lee Mathis says:

      Hi Diane,

      The Art Select is the Crem de la Crem of Luxury vinyl!!!!!!! I have sold this for commercial as well as residential. This is one of the most realistic look and the most durable products you will ever have. The only floor prep you would need to do is fill in creaks, or low areas. This can be glued down directly on the concrete. You always want to check for high moisture content before you install any flooring in a below grade installation. The price can vary due to the amount needed. This is an eco-friendly product as well. Feel free to contact me at leemathis@georgiacarpet.com with any question or pricing quotes you may need.

      Thanks and have a Blessed Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Joe Lurz says:

    We are considering Kardean (Dawn Oak) throughout our home. Should we be concerned about indents caused by visitors wearing spike heels?

  44. Lee Mathis says:

    That should not be an issue. Karndean has a refresher that you can apply that will help also. It is a type of sealer. You do not have to use it, but it helps just for regular maintenance. I have used it in my own home as well. My wife and I like using it. This is one of the most durable products you will ever use. If you have any further questions you can also contact me at leemathis@georgiacarpet.com or my direct line 706-712-5489

  45. Dolores Day says:

    I am researching flooring for a remodel on a rental property. I read one review that mention using Dim Glow sealer. Does the loose lay need to be sealed? What is the follow up care? Needless to say, renters do not care for floors the way I would in my home. I noticed the often use term “expensive” just how expensive is this compared to other options. I originally thought it was less then tile or laminate and that installation would be less? Lastly what needs to be done to the ply sub floor before installing?

  46. Lee Mathis says:

    Hi Dolores,

    The Refresher does not have to be applied. It just helps seal all the little nooks and crannies to make it easier for routine moping. This product would be great for this application. Just use embossing leveler over the knot holes and joints to give it a smooth look. It is a little more expensive than some products, but not the most expensive either. You get what you pay for, this is one of the best products they will ever put down. From the durability stand point to the overall appearance to the ease of maintaining it. Simply the best product for this job.

  47. Leanne says:

    Hi! We have six dogs and no desire to install hardwood. We LOVE hickory paprika from the Art Select line for our kitchen, foyer, living and dining room on the main level. Can this product go over wood? Most importantly – the sample book I have sitting in my dining room right now STINKS. Will my floor always smell this way? I can’t be inhaling this on a regular basis. It’s nauseating. Have you had any complaints about long term odour?

  48. Lee Mathis says:

    I have never heard of anyone complaining about an odor and I have been selling it for about 12 years. It should be fine to put down over wood. You just need to make sure that the wear layer on the wood is completely sanded off. Just to make sure that you have good adhesion to the floor.

    Here is a link from Karndean’s website:

    Let me know if you need anything else.

    Lee Mathis
    706-712-5489 direct line

  49. Britta says:

    We would like to install Karndean Looselay Newport on our entire second floor, 1850sf. We will be installing over the subfloor which has been stapled, glued, and screwed down. The subfloor seems level, how do I know if i need to level it out? Does it need to be level within 1/8″?

  50. Lee Mathis says:

    I use a 6 foot level to go over my floor to find any low areas that need to be leveled up. I would recommend letting a professional examine the floor if you have some reservations on that floor. I put mine in myself. I was pretty lucky not to have sub-floor issues.

    Have a great day!!

    Lee Mathis

    Let me know if you have any other questions. Karndean has an installation section on their website that is pretty comprehensive. Here is link for you look at http://www.karndean.com/en/commercial-flooring/range-overview/looselay?link=mm

  51. Wes says:

    Having art select installed in my kitchen and dining room. Have the random tile pattern with decorative strips installed. My question is if with decorative strips put in, is it water sealed from the subfloor? How do I handle spills or if it has to be mopped? Also can I use a steam mop cleaner on the floor? Thanks

  52. Lee Mathis says:

    They have a product called Refresher that I use myself at home. It seals all the nooks and crannies. It works great.

  53. Suzanne says:

    I am considering installing Karndean on my concrete basement floor. A large play area and two bedrooms. Can you tell me how “green” it is and how household healthy. I have seen some samples and like the look and have heard good things. I note it is manufactured in Asia. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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