Tuftex: Does Your Carpet Have Bling Bling?

Tuftex Carpets of California knows how to bring the carpet industry an array of colors and styles that reflect the most modern of styles.

They work hard to always inspire decorators with new color palettes that astound viewers with their diversity. From neutral colors that seamlessly flow your hard surfaces into your soft, to illustriously bold colors that can give that special room the innovative flare it needs, Tuftex always delivers with what they call their patented Color Logic.

This year they would like to introduce an orgininal design that brings a modern flare to a retro look that has been revived often before. This style is a signature shag known as Bling.


 Tuftex Carpet, Unbelievably Outrageous, Luxury, Carpet


Tuftex is calling it their “new BIG thing” and for good reason.

  • According to Tuftex the colors are inspired by the reflecting of light by various gemstones and metals.
  • They have studied and recreated these various colors with a “magical blend” of nylon and polyester fibers to create a fresh perspective on the idea of Bling Bling.
  • They use four types of yarns, (pearl, diamond, bronze, amber) to create twenty four gorgeous color palettes that will astound you.

Combine these attrative colors and this alluring style with other finishes in your home to get a unique look that would impress anyone!

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