Tuftex Carpet – Innovative, Reliable, Stylish and Sophisticated

Tuftex carpet is growing increasingly more and more popular in the flooring industry. Given the sheer nature of the game, one really doesn’t have to look far to identify that this is an amazing carpet. It is great for numerous application types, each style offering the individuallity we crave when it comes to flooring for our chosen aesthetic. Who say’s all carpets should be created equal anyway? It’s time for Tuftex carpet to be put in the spotlight, in today’s blog.

Super Chic

Tuftex Carpet by Shaw


Embodying the West coast style, color and fashion that have started many revolutions in design, Tuftex has strived to create its own segment in the market place. Tuftex emplyees are enthusiastic and determined to pushe limits of current possibilities and beyond, producing extraordinary flooring solutions, styles, designs and colors. All of these innovations come at an affordable price to boot.

Reliability – High quality standards driven with an emphasis on care to their customers, suppliers and employees set them apart from other flooring companies. They are extremely reliable and make a committment to staying true to the Made In The USA theme. Highly committed to quality as well, Tuftex is the premier residential carpet brand of Shaw Floors.


Not only does Tuftex care about their client base but also about the environment and the impact that producing their amazing carpet has on natural resources. The compnay is 100% dedicated to making a positive impact on nature and the economy.





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