Shaw Floors Teams Up with St Jude Children’s Hospital

I think we have all heard of the great works done by St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. Most also know of the many different businesses that have partnered with St Jude to raise the massive amounts of funding they need to continue providing free health care for children diagnosed with cancer. This is what most do not know, that Shaw Floors is one of the premier donators and promotors of this organization. I recently got a first hand look at some of the work they are doing with St Jude at their bi-annual expo and I was quite suprised at what I saw. Shaw donated over seven hundred thousand dollars worth of flooring products to the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway program last year. If you do not know what the St. Jude Dream Home Giveaway is, (neither did I untill very recently) it is a fundraiser that St. Jude has done for twenty one years now. This program has raised over two hundred and forty six million dollars since it was started. Last year was one of the best years yet thanks to Shaw, as the program was able to raise twenty four point five million dollars off the twenty eight dream homes they built. Shaw’s donations made this possible through their generosity in letting St. Jude choose from any of their six product categories. The products chosen for the dream homes included favorites such as Anso nylon carpet, Clear Touch carpet, EPIC hardwood, Tuftex Carpets of California, Anderson Hardwood and Shaw Living area rugs.

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I got to tour a model St. Jude Dream Home and can say first hand that if the quality of floors found in it are any indication of the quality of those donated by Shaw last year, then they are truly generous indeed. I also was able to hear the testimony of a mother of a patient and meet the boy himself. Dawson Hutchins was diagnosed with lukemia and his mother would have been in medical debt for the rest of her life if not for the amazing people at St. Jude and the charitable contributors that keep them going. Dawson is now in school once again and only has to visit St. Jude every four months for a check up. His mother told us that he will continue to be cared for by St. Jude for quite possibly the rest of his life. It is a new year and Shaw is taking their philathropy into the future which big goals. They are now trying to encourage dealers who sell their product to get involved as well with helping St. Jude continue their great works. Such is probably need as they currently require a wopping one point eight million dollars each day to operate. Shaw is now offering a program where they will match a nine cent donation to St. Jude for each yard of padding purchased by participating dealers when they buy a roll or more. A total of eighteen cents per yard that goes to help save the lives of children diagnosed to cancer. Ontop of this they are offering promotional kits for participating retailers to promote St. Jude. They are also helping dealers who are interested in setting up fundraising events and activities to further help St. Jude continue their charitable works. To find out more about what Shaw is doing to help St. Jude or to find out more about St. Jude itself check out one of the following links!

Shaw Floors & St. Jude

St. Jude Official Website

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