Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet: The Most Durable Carpet in the World!

The Mohawk name is long established in the entire world of flooring products, so it is no suprise to know that they now boast to have made the most durable carpet ever made.

What is a suprise is just how far they went to justify their claim to this title. Some of the most common advice given when buying any type of flooring, not just carpet, is that one must take the estimated amount of foot traffic that a new flooring will recieve when calculating what flooring options will be durable enough for the floor space in question.

This can be especially good advice when buying carpet though as foot traffic will degrade the visual appeal of the floor quickly if it cannot withstand some frequent wear.

Now normally one will also need to take into account circumstances like pets and children when estimating just how resilient of a floor covering they need. All of this is smart thinking if you are looking to buy any other carpet option other than a Smartstrand product from Mohawk. This is because Smartstrand is unparalled in it’s durability and can nearly be called invincible.

If you think your family and pets can do some damage to a new carpet floor, then ask yourself this question; can you do more damage than rhinos and elephants?

Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet Floor Durablecarpet,durable,mohawk,floor,flooring,smartstrandYou see the people at Mohawk already asked that question and then created the smartstrand smartchallenge in order to test their hypothesis.

The results were shocking to say the least. They found that after a week of use in a Zoo they were able to clean the carpet to look like new. During the test the smartstrand carpet fiber was found to be able to withstand up to fifty thousand pounds of pressure.

Without a doubt their claim to the title of the most durable and unstainable carpet fiber is valid. Watch the video Mohawk made below to see the whole smartstrand smartchallenge for youself!

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