Merit Hospitality Carpet by Durkan is in a Class of It Own!


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There are many kinds of Hospitality carpets on the market catering specifically to hotel and motel carpet applications. Through my history of searching through literally thousands of products for my personal favorites, I would have to say that Merit hospitality carpet is an extremely put together collection.

Durkan Hospitality is an industry leading brand in the hospitality carpet industry. They pride themselves on knowing that color, styling and design determines how a space feels to the guest. By offering numerous design services, product technologies and a comprehensive selection of flooring products, they know how to make your business appealing to your visitors.


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This continues to Merit brand by Durkan Hospitality providing the hotel/motel industry with a large selection of tufted carpets in both broadloom and modular styles. Durkan’s extensive custom capabilities have made Merit a top choice for hospitality designers and patrons alike.

While creating beautiful carpets is a main focus of their empire, they do not forget about the envirionmental impact of production processes. Starting with water conservation as a manufacturer, they put 2 points before any other. First is how much water goes into the facility and secondly what quality water is re-entering the environment when it leaves the facility. Since 2005 the Mohawk Group in a whole has reduced company wide water cosumption by an average of more than 11% a year, this includes it’s Durkan Hospitality division. In this time period they have also seen major improvements in the quality of wastewater released by there plants. But they aren’t stopping there, their ultimate goal is to reduce their total water use intensity by 25% by the year 2020.


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As far as energy and emission reductions go Mohawk Group rather that seeking a one size fits all problem fixer, they focus on smaller projects in the manufacturing process designed to reduce consumption.

Whether it’s a restaurant or a casino, a hotel, motel or a club, Merit carpet makes a strong statement. That statement must be uniqe. Your carpets have to be not only beautiful, but durable and easy to care for, Merit hospitality carpet delivers!

Merit high-performance carpets are easy to maintain so they retain their appearance longer, and Mohawk’s maintenance procedures and warranties give you assurance when it comes to your investment.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s blog, and I invite you to leave any questions or comments below about hotel, motel, or hospitality carpet. Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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