Make the Right Choice with Natural Choice Carpet!

319_Timeless_TaupeWe just got in a new line of carpet called Natural Choice I, II, and III. This is an amazing carpet with some incredible benefits that you are sure to love! So get ready to feel the warmth of new carpeting under your feet, because this is a must have!

Natural Choice Residential Carpet

To start you have 3 different weights to choose from:

  • Natural Choice I – 38 oz
  • Natural Choice II – 48 oz
  • Natural Choice III – 58 oz

And with 30 colorations to choose from,  you will easily find a match for your personal tastes!

The Benefits:

  • EverStrand BCF Premium PET Fiber – Recycling is part of the production process for all EverStrand carpets, and all recycled content can be certified. That means you can select the options you want with absolute certainty that every choice is a sustainable one. The EverStrand name represents an amazing group of fibers: one that consumes zero virgin petrochemical resources, one that utilizes even the by-products from the manufacturing process, one that is making a positive global impact. EverStrand is unquestionably the most unique carpet fiber in the industry.
  • Scotchgard Protector 3M Advanced Repel Technology –¬†Protects carpets against acid-based stains like colored fruit drinks, soft drinks, gelatins etc. Revitalizes soil/stain protection on stain-resistant carpets. Protects against dirt, dust, mud and grime.

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