Looking for Soft Carpet? Meet Caress Carpet by Shaw

If you are looking for flooring so soft that it makes you want to take your shoes off when you stand on it, then look no further.

Shaw presents their latest breakthrough in fiber technology; Caress Carpet.

Caress Carpet may be the softest carpet ever made, but many consumers might ask why that is.

The answer to this question comes in two parts.

  • First there is the patented Anso yarn system, with which Shaw Floors has nearly perfected that delicate texture that will have you considering a nap on the floor!
  • The second reason the Caress carpets make you feel like you are walking on clouds is Shaw’s exclusive SoftBac Platinum backing. All of the Caress products come with this backing as a standard and this means that your floor will be softer in it’s entirety.

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(Picture from Shawfloors.com)

Now before going any further lets address those vigilant consumers who currently screaming the classic counter point to ultra soft carpet.

What about the durability?

Shaw knows what they are doing and their lead issue with this carpet is keeping the balance. They have developed it to be one of the softest carpets ever made, but in doing so have not lost sight of the importance of resiliency and durability. They claim to have put their Caress products through extensive product testing to guarantee that this carpet will not be an elegant mistake.

Speaking of guarantees, since this is an Anso nylon product it goes without saying (though it shall be stated none the less) that it comes with all of the same manufacturer warranties given with any of Shaw’s other Anso nylon products.

Had enough yet?

Well just in case you were wondering Caress carpet also boasts a Cradle to Cradle certification, so that you can enjoy relaxing ultra soft flooring with the knowledge of it having very little cost to the environment. The only question left to ask now is; what are you waiting for?

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