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While yesterdays blog focused more on high end carpets for Hospitality, I couldn’t help but think about where family style hotels and motels fit in. I mean obviously, when it comes to family vacations, visiting relatives and business trips most people do not stay in a 5 Star Luxury Hotel. So today, we will focus on the type of hospitality carpet that caters to most of us travelers. Budget Hotel & Motel Hospitality Carpet.

Now when you hear budget, many people automatically associate it with low quality. In the flooring industry, this does not always ring true. For example, because we are located around 75% of the country’s flooring manufacturing, we can get incredible prices on many types of flooring. And typically the quality of these floors are no different than those found in you local flooring or box-type store.

At Georgia Carpet we offer many different types of budget friendly hospitality carpets. These range from motel carpets, hotel carpets, bowling alley carpets, church carpets, and amusement carpets.

These are all usually a patterned carpet. As with all patterned carpet, a perfect pattern match at seams, may not always be possible due to inherent characteristics of the manufacturing process. Reasonable pattern match may be obtained by trained, experienced professional installers. Exact pattern match cannot be guaranteed.  Slight banding and shading is an inherent characteristic of all solution dyed cut pile carpets. This characteristic does not constitute a manufacturing defect and is normal according to Hotel / Motel / Hospitality Carpet industry standards.

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Another great way to get excellent deals on hospitality carpet, is by searching through closeout specials. These consist of many kinds of carpet, sometimes they have retired the style and have a fair amount left over for insane cheap prices. They can also be a custom carpet created for a specific larger job, but they have some left over. These hotel and motel hospitality carpets will not have the warranty though, but for the price, it should definitely be taken into consideration when shopping around.

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