Hardwood Flooring: Quick and Easy Maintenance Guide

One of our most popular floors at Georgia Carpet is hardwood flooring. With all of its benefits and well rounded innovations its hard to not understand why. Most people inevitably decide to install hardwood floors because of its ease of maintenance and cleaning, not to mention its a bit cheaper than cleaning carpet over the long haul.

When it comes to maintaining the finish of hardwood there are a few different steps that one will have to perform. Starting with the most basic, sweeping!

Scheduling regular sweepings will benefit the look and shine of your hardwoods more that any other step. It will keep dirt and debris from continuously scratching the surface of the floor. Also the very small dirt particles (dust) can also cause an incredible amount of micro-scratches. Over time these micro-scratches can cause a lack-luster dulling effect, which is not a good thing especially if you chose to go with a more polished finish.

Every now and again you will want to do a routine cleaning. Using soap and water to do so is a thing of the past, so this is not a viable option where I am concerned. I feel this way about it because water could cause the floor to warp and buckle if left to sit for a while. And lets face it, we never pay attention to those little details, like checking for small 1 inch puddles of water after a mopping.

Hardwood cleaning solutions have the perfect balance of cleaning chemicals and moisturizers designed specifically for your flooring, so go to your local home or general store and pick up a bottle of commercial cleaning solution for hardwood floors. Make sure that you follow the directions to a “T” and double check with your floor manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations on which product that they prefer.

If you can’t determine which product will be best for you to use on your specific type of floor, don’t hesitate to call a specialist. They get these questions all the time and would be more than happy to help you find the perfect cleaning solution to protect and clean your investment.

Now if you have sought out this article because your floors are experiencing the signs of wear and dulling, it may be time to seek out a professional floor cleaning company. At this point it may require a restoration service.

This all depends on the actual condition of the flooring, but in most cases a simple professional cleaning with the added bonus of a floor buffer and the right cleaning products will bring it back to life. If your not so luck though, the restoration company will be recommended by the cleaning company. They will more than likely need to strip the wood sealant off of the floor and reapply a new sealant. Without this, the floor will not be able to protect itself against scratching the actual surface of the raw wood. This is also a way to keep extra moisture from seeping into the wood flooring. Not only will it protect the floor, but it will also look like a brand new floor when it is all said and done. Bonus!

Now in the worst possible situation, the floor will need to be sanded down to removed deep surface damage followed by the finishing process.

So as you can see, keeping a hardwood floor maintained and clean is the best way to save money on floor maintenance in the future. It will keep its shine and prevent dulling and scratching. In my opinion a “Win, win” scenario.

I hope you enjoyed Today’s article and i encourage you to leave any questions or comments that you may have below. Thanks for reading!

Until next time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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  1. Wayne says:

    Those photos look great. Hardwood flooring really adds value to your home and is also very easy to maintain! Thanks for sharing.
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