Great Green Tips on Caring for Your Home and Flooring

green-cleaningYou just got on the Green kick and your looking for new ways to carry it on into your day to day life. Well, it sounds like its time for you to learn to clean your floors the green way! Taking all into consideration it can be very hard to find the quintessential green cleaning product! So don’t worry about finding the perfect solution if you are just beginning. Even a few green features are helpful to the environment.

Here Is a list of various tips provided by the WFCA (World Floor Coverving Association.) These tips are an excellent resource on staying green while effectively cleaning your home’s flooring.





Tips for Green Adhesives:

  • Choose products with low to no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Avoid formaldehyde
  • Look for Carpet and Rug Institutes (CRI) Green Label® and Green Label Plus®

Green Tips for Household Cleaners:

  • Choose products with natural and biodegradable ingredients
  • Consider homemade cleaners using things from the pantry: vinegar, baking soda, salt, lemon juice, rubbing alcohol, ammonia, or olive oil.

Green Tips for the Whole House:

  • Keep caulked areas caulked (caulking prevents the loss of heat or cold air)
  • If you are installing a new floor, make sure that space between the flooring and the door is just right (too much space means you’re heating or cooling the entire outdoors while too little space means you can’t close the door)
  • Consider that space heaters are energy hogs and can generate more than two pounds of greenhouse gas per hour (use them too much and they might make your hardwood flooring contract)
  • Choose low or no VOC products whenever you can
  • Insulation is not just for the attic anymore, it can be added between flooring for additional savings
  • Choose a retailer that shares your commitment to the environment and knows about all the latest advances in green products!

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